By MB Baloch, Awaran

It is a common practice, mostly teacher’s stress students to memorize the given lesson and be ready for tomorrow to read the lesson in front of whole class. Actually we have been observing this hydra-headed monster since primary level. This obscure method hostages the mind of children from the very initiative. Sadly to say teachers are unaware about the psyche of students and do not know how to deal with the students, none of them is interested, because they are being selected without any due process.

So the status quo is unabated. When I got admission in university in second class a teacher prodly advised us that we conscious, it is not school or college level but it is university level you have to create new knowledge rather to rush towards pre-existed knowledge.

The very same moment a feeling of happiness shake my whole body, because I started thinking that a week student like me would get a chance to improve him by innovative knowledge. By the sluggish moving of days my dreams of getting new knowledge mixed with dust, by virtue of position competition among classmates. The unprecedented race of mouse and cat begun by every student in every nook and corner to boost up the percentage.

In lieu of getting of knowledge a bogus scenario of questions memorization diverted the attraction of every student. Rationally speaking this ruthless mind set would produce a catastrophic consequence and wash away the talent of our generation. This phenomenon recently spread at a wide rage and cannot be easily controlled. It is an established fact owing to favoritism by teachers, the culture of one night study has become trend of the day.

The students only collect notes of entire semester and memorize the given question before the exam day. The talented students are lagging behind and those who are active naughty in class without any check are being favored by teachers. Unfortunately, such sort of favoritism is fully deleterious for students, but they are unaware and making themselves satisfies by some marks.

Scarcely, some benevolent teachers can complete their course outline, but majority of them do not complete their course and just give clue about the questions that will come in exam. It is rightly to say that teaching method in our institution is disgraceful and directly affecting the latent of students.

Last but not least, such sort of untidy notions is further deteriorating the already tattered condition of institutions. Being fully aware of the scenario the government must take serious steps to encounter this issue immediately. The further continuity of this menace, undoubtedly will apart the very fabric of our society into pieces. Therefore, it is the right time for the policy makers to take some rational measure to bring an immediate reform in educational system to save our upcoming generation from this evil.


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