Sindhu Desh; another front against state

By Shehzad Baloch

In Balochistan, the separatist movement rooted deep and it also is recognized by several international organizations,JSQM-stance-480x238 forums, parties and personalities. The Baloch movement thrived enough and got height to generate resources for its survival without depending on someone or being under-handed of any state or international lobby.

Baloch movement has constituted it’s all departments, like media (in limited sphere), human rights organization, and international delegations to communicate with world. Albeit, now the mentioned movement is inaccessible for state to wipe it out, but state and its favored thinkers are seeking any adjustment with this edified movement, but this process is not seems possible yet due to rigid policy or freedom stance of the workers and leaders of said movement. Baloch Movement is a serious threat for state but state authorities couldn’t learn a lesson from this and they are practicing or adopted same policy of persecutions in next province, the Sindh, where the voice of separation is echoing and can be heard to world, clearly. In shape of Sindhu Desh movement another front against state have been opened as similar to Baloch Movement.

For strangulating the separatist movement of Sindhis, the state institute’s officials on 21st March, 2014, targeted the leader of Jeaye Sindh Qumi Mahz (JSQM) and his comrade in the vicinity of Naushero Feroz a town of Sindh. The martyred leaders of Sindhi party were on the way that the vehicles of state institutes intervened and opened indiscriminate fire on them. The Sindhi political worker’s vehicle afterward was set-fire by assailants. Masood Qureshi and Salman Wadho were critically injured, as result; Mr Wadho succumbed to wounds on the spot, while Mr Qureshi was shifted to hospital where he breathe his last.

Before the demise, Mr Masood Quersishi spoke to his comrades and video recording of his last words is loaded in social media, like Facebook and on networks. In video, it is seen, he is lying on a stretcher in vexed position, and he was narrating the incident of his targeting, perpetrated by state security personal. He said, “They were travelling in the suburb of Sanghar and on Sangher- bypass a vehicle of agency over took their motor car, another one was chasing, simultaneously they opened fire on them with Kalashankoves and G-3 guns. Consequently, they lost control on motor car and it plunged into the low ground, beside the road. The agency-men fired upon fuel tank of vehicle which resulted it ablaze. While seeing the local people, the agency men fled, and citizen rushed to scene, ensuing the incident, people taken us out from burring vehicle and they shifted to hospital. We want freedom of Sindh, and a separate state “Sindhu Desh”. Our sacrifices of lives are not unexpected or accidental. We were ready for these consequences, and will be continuing the series of sacrifice till liberation of our land.” Mr Masood Quereshi sworn before succumb.

Some months before the same nationalist party ‘JSQM’ leader Mr Basheer Quershi was also murdered in same style, he was elder brother of recently slain Mr Masood Quershi.

The martyrdom incident of Sindhi leader sparked violent protest through-out Sindh and in Karachi’s Sindhi and Baloch dominating parts. The furious activists attacked government installations, like banks and government premises and vandalized ATM centers with other state’s valuables. They disturbed traffic on national highways which links with Punjab, Khyber Pakhtoon Khuwa and Balochistan. The baton-wielded protestor set-fire to trawlers, trucks and other heavy vehicles bounded to Punjab.

The JSQM leaders claimed that state agencies committed murder of their leader to halt their Freedom Really, which was scheduled to conduct on 23rd of March, 2014, the same day is reserved as “Pakistan day”.

Ensuing the martyrdom of Sindhi leaders theirs party ‘JSQM’ managed a massive really in Karachi on 23rd March, 2014. According to media reports the really was a historic due to its size and fervent participation of Sindhi peoples. The protestors were chanting slogans “Sindh want freedom”, (Sindh Ghury thee Azadi). The protesting organizations and Sindhi Nationalist leaders claimed that more than 0.2 million people had took part in grand public gathering. Mr Sunan Qureshi led the march and blamed that security and intelligence agencies killed his uncle, and he declared the deceased, “Martyrs of Freedom March”. The participants of march sung their National Anthem, too. The protesters offered the funeral prayer of their physically served leaders on the occasion.

Many other Sindhi nationalist parties’ leaders participated in the Freedom March and funeral prayer of JQSM martyred leaders. The representatives of Sindh United party (SUP), Sindh National party (STPP), Jeay Sindh Mahaz (JSM), Singh Traqui Passand party (STPP) participated in the JSQM’S march. The Pakistan pro-federation parties like Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and MQM didn’t attend the mentioned march.

From gathered crowd the chairman of JSQM spoke and said that they are follower of GM syed and demand for a separate Sindhu Desh. He blamed that immigrants from various parts are being populated on their land, which must be stopped, even non-local to be expelled from Sindh and the MQM will not be allowed for division of Sindh. The nationalist party leader warned.

The situations and slogans of protestors indicate that the killing of Sindhi leaders and workers will ferment to the province of Sindh. The massive rally and violent protest followed by the murder of Masood Qureshi and Salman Wadhs is indicating the inception of another front against the state as similar the Baloch. The last words of Mr  Masood Qureshi implies to a battle in Sindh, because state’s structure is dwindling and the dilapidated political system cannot  manipulate the people be in same conditions. The PPP and MQM also have despaired the Sindh’s masses the worst. These parties are partnered with establishment and totally got failed to serve common people, except a layer or some families who are living abroad or they have properties in European states. Sindh’s people should identify the mentioned parliamentarian parties that have enslaved them equally to establishment.


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  1. Is JSQM dead now?

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