The oppressed womenfolk

By Mehboob Baloch, Kharan

Feminism is fighting a war against enforced marriages, male chauvinism, gender discrimination and gender violence1743458_524677227649484_1845703245_n across the globe.

In relation to our society the misogynistic approach has sealed all the ways of prosperity and welfare for our womenfolk.

Gender discrimination is a highly rated practice among the afore-mentioned evils in our society with no or little attention toward girls’ wellbeing. In contrast males are provided with the ample opportunities of education, entertainment, and social life.

Enforced marriages have touched the peak of immorality and razed the dignity of women. This helped many of the girls becoming psychopath and insane. And many of them committed suicides with no other options left.

When it comes to marriage, a relation which she has to go through for the rest of her life is forcibly overburdened without her desire. Consequences, then become as destructive and unfriendly, as neither the selected husband can achieve what is termed love nor is the wife ready to offer him the desired love and happiness as both are not ideal for each other.

The women in human history have played a cardinal role, in all aspect of life either it is social, political or economic etc. In addition to this, the women in Baloch history have also been seen side by side with Bloch man in all their thick and thin.

The historic march of Farzana Majeed and her eight fellow-girls is apparent to everyone. The rugged mountains of Bolan, the Arabian Sea, the vast plains of Sindh, Panjab and the Potohar plateau witness their footprints through which the brave Banuks (in Balochi girls) walked miraculous 3000 kilo metres undauntedly despite all the deadly raids and threats.

The iconic struggle of Baloch Banuks is a straight message not only to the misogynistic society but also to the entire women community of the globe.

There is acute need to support the women who believe in the women empowerment, self-independence and equality in order to pave the way for their progress.

Fighting a war against male-chauvinism and gender discrimination would probably guarantee a happy and prosperous society.


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  1. Amir Chakar Baloch

    well….but when and how the intiution enter to our nation man’s skull.

  2. Amir Chakar Baloch

    well….but when and how the intiution would enter to our nation folk’s skull.

  3. This all matter of regret Amir Chakar.. We have to work for the enlightenment

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