The predicament of Ukraine; the footprint to bi-polar world

By Ahmed Khan

Following the disintegration of the United Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR), the vanguard of capitalist bloc the American ukraine-flags-2_2853542bpresident Mr Gorge W. Bush (senior) in victorious speech spoke these points:

1-   Human civilization has accomplished.

2-   Socialism vanished-away from planet, eternally.

3-   Capitalism’s triumph is perpetual on Socialism.

4-   America is the only state to lead the entire world.

How illogical words Mr Bush spoke against the natural phenomenon that civilization has accomplished. The science informs that the particles of this universe are varying and each thing with evolution process is changing, so how Mr Bush declared things as dead by stating civilization accomplishment, oafishly. By disintegration of the Soviet or by any other event the America civilization never gets accomplished.

Socialism might vanish-away as temporary or segregated from state system of Soviet or it is hibernating, but it exists in world and socially ideological people are dwelling on this globe and nothing can be evaporated wholly from face of the earth and that after a time repeats it with history in reformed condition. Philosophy and science proved these thoughts and human given this process the title “Negation of Negation”. The socialism provided many plus points to humanity, so how this can be vanished-away by saying of a goofy person or a particular mindset, never can be!

Capitalism couldn’t provide equality and justice to mankind of this planet, though it is backed by notion of religions but after rise of a period it falls, but Mr Bush couldn’t understand or read the engrossment on wall and irrationally proclaimed for triumph of the capitalism on the socialism, but currently dominating on the world system the capitalism spent its age. The capitalism’s ecstasy has finished, and now after the reaching to the culmination it is to decay.

The America got most indebted country in the world and running merely on revenue of arms, ammunitions and warfare’s equipment, and by same impetus she creates contentious zones including organizations that they buy her products and she persist by attained revenue. She can’t earn for sustenance by the capitalism, then how can keep dominancy on over world’s nations and grab their resources through same bum system? The claim of Mr Bush also got refuted now, but he and his country is repudiated plus pigheaded to rule on world like the 90s era, but it is 2014. By now all objective circumstances have changed, which are not conducive for capitalism of that is being vanguard by America.

The Ukraine’s predicament is solid proof for tilt of this world to bi-polar dais. The democratic states, especially the America is denying from democracy and disregarding the people’s adoption. In Crimea, the Russia by plebiscite has got the Crimean people willingness that they want to cede their genuine country the Russia, but it is not accepted by democratic state the America. The democratic norms must be followed by US regarding Ukraine and Crimea.

In shape of Crimea, the Russia has got access to warm water to communicate and trade with world in all four seasons of year. The Russia has abundance of natural resources and raw material to earn and consume. By this coast the Russia also got advantageous points for its army power strengthening to communicate with western countries, especially America in military language.

The Russia has been expelled from G-8 forum but it will not result on her the worst. The decision will impact on European Union associated countries, because this organization signatory states interest are contradicting with America, so they are fed-up with her. Germany acquires 60% gas requirements from Russia via Ukraine. The Ukraine was also earning transit money and it had benefited as it was getting gas on great subsidy which has been cut-off by Russia due to being operated as puppet by string of America.

In Ukraine, a bustle exists because the Ukrainian people want to live with Russia or they prefer interactions with the Russia on America because of great distant and US is also harboring unfair system of capitalism. In the adjacent cities of Ukraine with Russia and Crimea, the protest and unrest was reported which clues about the mentioned citizens sympathies and inclination toward Russia with expectations that it will apply a humanist system which will meet human needs in 21st century.

The America with European Union is going to impose sanction on Russia, which will not reflect on that negatively. The abundance of resources and great army power composes Russia self-reliant, so looming sanction sword of America never can scathe to the socialist revolution history owning state.  The Russia only needs to socialize its state political structure in reformed condition which was relinquished after 90s.

In fact in the Ukraine, western media is exaggerating and propagating to magnify against Russia, otherwise the majority of masses never were willing to be played by America and European Union states. They know better that merely for interests they are gesturing favored and after a short period they will be let-alone in quandary of war and economic crises. The Russia also should learn the maneuver how to combat the media vociferation.

The Russian retreating policy was untrue which she also realized and the Belarus and Georgia are waiting for merger in Russia. The mentioned states have experienced coalition with western countries and capitalism realistically which embittered their lives. They have now tilted toward socialistic system but innovated. Probably, the tumult is up to expand and engulf the mentioned states, because the capitalist don’t let to re-organize slickly.

The discussed region’s people practiced socialism pragmatically in their lives. No doubt each system and things exist in universe with plus and negative aspects but human most of time seeks to avail the positive side. The socialism in better way can be applied by them but they debug the gaffe in it in the light of past experiences.

The Ukrainian must study capitalism’s ugly face in world; especially in Africa its features are visible lucidly that drought, famine and wars became fate of this continent, where fire is ignited by same imperialist to vend her weapons on the cost of people’s blood. Same thing is going to be commenced in Ukraine which is devastated for them but source of earing for imperialist.

Ukrainian never can be disjointed from Russian masses due to common climate, interests and system. The capitalists have created predicament in their country to mold the political disorder.  The Ukrainians inclination, especially Crimea’s annexation proved that world has entered into bi-polar status. The capitalism totally got failed and Mr Bush the former president claims has been materialized as false. The Ukraine’s crises have proved any doubt of world bi-polar but revolutionaries must turn this unrest toward field of a justifying system, like into innovated socialism.


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