Advocate Muhammad Hayat Baloch: A living witness of the Baloch political history

By: Shahbaz Chakar Baloch

Translated By: Yasmeen Sana Baloch

Advocate Muhammad Hayat Baloch was born on 02-03-1937 in the house of Molla Dad in Chitkan Panjgoor.

In those days, Panjgoor was a Tehsil of The Makuran State. He got his primary education from his own town. In 1954, he cleared his Matriculation with a good position from Government High School Chitkan, Panjgoor under the curriculum of Punjab Board of examinations.

He got the first position in overall Makran State and the Second in The State Union of Balochistan and on the other hand, at present he is a law-graduate. During Service, when one unit broke and the province of Balochistan came into existence in 1971-72 during NAP’s government he was appointed as the private secretary of the senior provincial minister, Meer Gul Khan Naseer. Later on as a collector,

He offered services in Baagh, Lehri, Usta Muhammad, Khuzdar and Mastung. He also offered his services in the board of Revenue Balochistan, Quetta as well as on service; He spent a long period of time in Kalat.

In 1985, He got retirement from governmental services. It is also a very striking facet of his horizons that He was very inspired by Meer Ghous Baksh Bezanjo’s politics and leadership. Though, he decided to join hands with him and then he joined his party, PNP. Until, 1988 he was the member of the central Committee and so as the District president of Panjgoor.

In the general elections of 1988, PNP decided to take part in the provincial level elections. Party ticket for Panjgoor’s provincial assembly seat was given to him. In these elections Meer Bezanjo himself was a candidate of the National assembly seat from Turbat. Unexpectedly, Meer Bezanjo along with his all candidates lost these elections or according to them it was pre-planned. After retirement, he started practicing as an advocate along with his other interests. Due to his endeavors, District Bar Association came into existence and he was elected as the president of the District Bar Association twice in 1998 and 2001. In 1989, he visited the areas of west Balochistan which shares its frontier with the Iranian borderline, including, Kohag, Ispandag, Sarawan, Khash, Zahidan and Iran Shahr (Bhampoor) for study and tour purposes. He is also associated with the Azzat Academy, which is a local academy established for promoting the Balochi language and literature and also he is one of the creators and a permanent member of the mentioned academy, given his services as the president of the academy twice.

In District Panjgur, for social development purposes a peace-promoting committee was organized under the leadership of Late Molana Rahmatullah, as according to the guidance of Muhammad Hayat Baloch. This committee was established in 1986 which is working for a stable society until today. He is a very dynamic and active member of this committee. Voluntarily, this committee has solved many issues and problems as bloody wars and community-based decisiveness resulting in deathly fights and even minor misunderstandings among the people. These all issues were discussed and solved according to the Balochi and Islamic rules and regulations, when everything was taken into consideration by Jirgah so both the parties and groups were granted peace and satisfaction. On District level, Mr. Advocate Muhammad Hayat Baloch has been elected in many governmental committees as District Advisory Committee, Health Foundation Committee, District Water Channels Committee, Public Safety Committee and vice versa.

On the other side, both broadly and educationally, when it comes to knowing his own interests, so Reading and writing have predominantly been of his passion; many books on various subjects are a part of his personal library. Under the subjects of Baloch and Balochistan he has been writing very authentic articles in Monthly “Balochi Dunya” Multan, Daily “Intekhab” and Daily “Aasaap” via his Pseudonym Hayataan Baloch.

Given the sense of his gregariousness, he has a vast camp of friends.

Despite the other before-mentioned interests, every time he shows the love of nature so he is fond of plants and flowers; therefore, he has a beautiful garden in his house. Though, he is aged, but he still spends two-to-three hours in his garden keeping himself closer to the nature. He has a strong relation with his religion and the religious people. As a matter of intellectual devotion, He is always busy in reading books, writing articles, discussing various issues, meeting friends or according to him talking to the plants and flowers. It is quite interesting that during his company no one gets bored when he grabs the attention of his intimates by his beautiful and erudite thoughts.

There is no concealing the fact that Advocate Muhammad Hayat Baloch is a living legend of Panjgoor and Balochistan given the fact that He has critically witnessed many ups and downs of Balochistan’s political scenario for approximately 70 years. Much to his part of the contribution as an educationalist and a cultivated individual of the Baloch framework of society, He has always discussed as well as mentioned the uprising from the historical phase till its current dimensional emergence in Balochistan via his columns and articles.

Hopefully, Waja Advocate Muhammad Hayat Baloch will soon publish his book based on his observations regarding the Baloch politics and history.


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