With the finishing of classes I, with my some class mates, moved toward central library (CL) for the purpose to issue books. When we reached in library for the refreshment all of us sit on the back side of library. In same time two persons came near of us and called my boy colleague, after that I also stepped toward them to know what is the issue. When I was about to approach, so one of them threw a question in front of me, the question was that, are you a new comer in Punjab University? Do you not know here Islamic jamiat-i- tulbah has a strong hold and it is not allowed by jamiat to sit with namuharam. Furthermore, he also ordered me to show my identity card.

The above questions compelled me to pen out some sentence regarding the undefined notion of Islamic jamiat-i-tulbah in Punjab University. After inquiring from one nazim of jamiat I came to know that jamait only forbid the couple with sitting each other, it is against the constitution of jamait to disturb the group, who are discussing anything. Fortunately, we are as a group was sitting but again we could not spare from the untidy action of the so-called member of jamiat. If any member of any organization has any sort of contradiction with each other how they reform the society. It is also vital to mention here that without knowing any one, it is a sin to blame him. But the members of jamait without any recognition utter abusive word when they find any couple sitting anywhere. They cannot think that the person whom is sitting might be their “sister and brother” in relation but they consider them namuharam. Sadly to say the same organization has considered itself the corridor of Islamic teaching in Punjab university as well as in other educational institutions, but fully adopted a dirty practice in educational institutions; and could not spare any stone unturned to disturb the students to enjoy the university life easily.

It is an established fact that, no one in favor of jamiat, neither teacher faculty nor administration I mean vice chancellor. Only some people are being used as an instrument by jamiat to make its presence constant. I myself discussed the hurdle of jamiat with numerous students; they all negate the politics of jamiat. It is out of guess why jamiat every time makes itself engaged in childish action. Such as no one is allowed to wear jeans, only scarf from the point of Jamait is the sole way to preserve the Islamic principles. When any conference, book fair and any other cultural ceremony held by any department, the members of jamait try to enforce their own notion and try to create a disturbance among people. Majority of people have a extreme hatred in heart against this organization, unfortunately cannot express a single word by virtue of fear. Here a question arises in every mind, if administration is fully against of it then who is behind the scene and promoting the cause of Jamiat.

It is a historical fact that since the initial stage the leaders of jamiat -i-islami being used as a key factor for state to mingle the politics and religion, because the masses only come under the easy prey of religious parties by name of religion. Rational study of history of Pakistan shows that in every regime religion has become used a cheap instrument to fulfill the political interests. So the same mess also forced in the mind of students. Recently the cauldron is sharply engulfing the structure of all educational institutions. It is a necessity to further stop this ruthless brainwashing of students and government should devise a coherent strategy to nudge out the politics from educational institution. If this catastrophic game cannot check, it would be disastrous to move away from that at this point and would make the students helpless to be the part of this sin.


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