Boko Haram’s Panjgoor Version

“The hash tags “#Bring-Back-Our-Girls” and “#Save-Education-In-Panjgoor”, on social media are active in opposing the two incidents taken place in Nigeria and Panjgoor simultaneously”.

By Iqbal Zaheer Baloch

In fact, these two incidents having taken place internationally and locally have two different ground fields and root causes but the point of attraction is the basic similarity in these incidents. In the first incident a fanatic organization, Boko Haram kidnapped more than 300 school girls from the Nigerian Town, Chibok. The organization is against the modern and western education and wants to eliminate such institutes from Nigeria which are providing modern education. “Boko Haram” which means “western education is forbidden”, is one of the thousand sectarian organizations or criminal syndicates operating in Nigeria. In a recent video released by the group, the school girls were shown in Islamic scarves and the group leader Abu Bakar Shaikhao was telling the world that the school girls have happily embraced Islam. Tell the last information the girls were still missing which may be booty for the Islamic militants. Nigeria being the seventh most populated country of the world and one of the richest countries in Africa is facing critical situations these days due to such sectarian groups.

In the second incident, some unknown culprits attacked various private schools in Panjgoor, where they sat the classes and furniture on fire and tortured the teachers. They are continuously threatening the administrations of the private schools to stop operating in Panjgoor. The most annoying step taken by these unknown culprits was setting the vehicle of Hussain Ali Baloch on fire along with some other vehicles which were the source of transportation for the students.

An unknown organization Furqa-ul-Quran took the responsibilities of all incidents. They are demanding to close all the private institutes providing education in Panjgoor. In this regard, the fanatic organization is giving the logic that, female education or co-education is forbidden in Islam. Besides, since these incidents, the civilized citizens of Panjgoor along with the Baloch separatist and parliamentarian parties and organizations have opposed this. The MPAs from Panjgoor have also opposed this on different forums. Furthermore, Panjgoor has always been in news for the high ranking educational institutes and its high literacy rate. Since 90s educational institutes in Panjgoor are practicing co-education positively and mutually. For two decades, co-education has never been an obstacle or hurdle in the educational institutions, suddenly, it is forbidden. The crowd mentality has never been against the female education or co-education and the point which shocks is not that a group is opposing the educational system but is the way or methodology of the group. Putting the people in a dilemma and endeavoring to impose the laws of dark ages can never be welcomed in Baloch society.

In short, these were the two shocking and somehow similar incidents which shook the civilized and modern world these days.

In Balochistan, Particularly, in Makuran, for some months education is a victim. Closing a well- known educational institute in Turbat and some other incidents are deemed to be a chain to the incidents taking place in panjgoor. Moreover, Balochisan is being a home for sectarianism and fanaticism since some years, though it has never been a part of Baloch ethos.

Baloch have been secular and liberal since thousand years, in our societies we have never practiced or noticed any gender discrimination. In fact, gender has never been an issue for our people. On the other hand, these people, with their imported agendas and doctrines want to impose their dull and rejected ideas on the civilized and liberal Baloch by the barrel of the gun. By using the name of Islam they want to implement the black laws on our liberal society, which were implemented by the tyrant Talibans in Afghanistan and Wazeeristan earlier. Whereas, in Islam, no one can quote a single line from any source that female education is forbidden.

The success of such culprits and reactionary elements will be a cultural deviation for the Balochs raising the slogan of secularism and liberalism. If education or educational institutes get affected then our journey towards decadence and dark ages will start. However, as a Baloch we will show Esprit-de-corps to stand against such acts and show the world that there is no room for “Boko Haram” versions in our liberal societies.


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  1. It has been written wonderfully and the writer has written an explained the current educational issue in a very great way.
    Education is not a game where we will let such unknown and cheaters to play with it.It is obviously an unsuccessful mission from the force who has always tried to destruct Balochistan and push the voice of balochs.Before they came and settled their camps in Balochistan,did military operation in different areas of Balochistan,then he started targeting our youth,then he abducted our brothers and now he is trying to eradicate our nation by closing Private institutes.They have used the name of scared religion Islam and Islam has never said that”Girls shouldn’t get education”..It is a mission to burn balochistan and the days of fear are gone now,we have tolerated problems very much now we have to struggle.If today we become silent and don’t raise our voice against it so i think that day is not far that the name of Balochistan will be erased from the map of the world.
    Consequently ,the article is written in a god way!

  2. iqbalzaheerbaloch

    Thanks for the precious feedback

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  4. Yousaf-Aziz-Magsi-is-Back

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    Over all every feature within the Blv magazine is based on truth and reality so far it is the journalistic obligation to come up with the truth on unbiased basis to present by highlighting the bona fide facet of any news in this Islamic democratic country, we as readers, totally appreceate it because hardly ever ‘true journalism, is found in this muslim part of the third-world-country. In sacred Qur’an Allah s.w.t clearly says ‘O people don’t lie to your people, don’t even keep pace with the liers, indeed there is punishment in afterlife for those who lie,, so Dear, Allah may guide all of us to path of light under his providence, ameen. The feature contents are 100%unbiased, based on truth, rational human beings would appreciate the work. Saying with the perspective of Islam, so it never allows anyone to follow the ones indulged, God likes exteremely the truth seekers who want to keep pace with those who are peace, love and humainity promoters…! Lets n0t only say that we are muslims, lets be real muslims whose merits are the following of Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h, in his entire life He never prayed for the distruction of his opponents; and n0w today what are we, the mulisms the followers of Islam, doing? If it is a crime to speak the truth, so Lets get dubbed as criminals by firmly standing to be the truth-speakers and truth-seekers, correct me if I am wrong, in some place of the world people call the truth seekers and truth speakers as traitors or agent of India, and on the other side cyber-terrorists intimidated them, correct me if I am wrong, Islam means peace, love and humainity not exteremism, correct me if I am wrong we all are muslisms we should not get affraid to get killed for speaking up the truth, correct me if I am wrong, the very misinterpretation of any religion directly leads to the extremism and radicalization which is n0t liked by God..

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