“Causes of corruption”

It is a fact that the main and biggest crisis today which is almost being faced by every country is corruption. I believe that no law, no check and balance, and poverty are the main causes of corruption.

No law: It is a fact that there is no law in most of the countries. Surely, in several countries even criminals are breaking the law, stealing the things and even killing the poor people in front of the police but are not being apprehended by the police since police itself are involved in these all outlaw activities.

No check and balance: There is any check balance almost in every country. And every people from every country have personal weapons with them and whatever they want to do they can do since police will not arrest them because they always pay money to the police officers and that’s why they won’t be asked by anyone.

Poverty:  It has been proved without doubting that more than half of the residents of every country are jobless and even they don’t have three times food to eat, so if this is the condition then of course, they will be compelled and constrained to do corruption.

Finally, I just as a civilian request the government of every country that if they really want to develop then they must arrest all the craft officers of the country and Government must fulfill all the demands of public.

Bahram Sayad, Turbat


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