Disappearance of Zahid Baloch the Chairman BSO-Azad

Bolan Voice Report

On 18th April, 2014, the Baloch Student Organization (Azad) chairman Zahid Baloch along with workers after dispensation of10262144_605734509510067_7130327565973792065_n organizational works were on the way that security officials in uniform and plain cloths interrupted them, and after confirming the identification, they took Mr Baloch in vehicle with them. When female workers of BSO-A resisted against arrest of their leader, so security men by power of weapons had detent them. The vice chairmen of BSO-A Banuk Kareema Baloch disclose incident in media on 23rd April, 2014, after span of five days.

When media-persons approached to I.G FC about arrest of Zahid Baloch, then they denied the capture of Mr Baloch and declared baseless the blames of the BSO-A. FC official said they disown the chairman of student organization.

The Baloch Nationalist organization leader Zahid Baloch, in the perspective of an ongoing series of throwing the mutilated bodies of Baloch political workers, especially the BSO-A members but recently discovery of the mass graves have engraved worries about his life. In such situations, the worries about Mr Zahid Baloch and other missing Balochs relatives is a natural ingredient, said the Baloch Nationalist leaders and organizations in their statements.

For the release of Mr Zahid Baloch the Chairmen of BSO-A a protest camp in front of Karachi press club has been established and a member of the organization comrade Latif Johar is sitting on Hunger Strike till death. The Media is covering the strike of comrade and the state authorities are envious with this; resultantly, they lobbed tear gas canisters on protest camp with intention to sabotage the protest of comrade Latif and others. Although the BSO-A members are protesting peacefully as according to the human laws.

At Quetta Press club the spouse of Mr Zahid Baloch with Mama Qadeer the vice-chairmen of Voice for Baloch Missing persons (VBMP) addressed a Press conference. While addressing, she told that her husband was practicing politics in sphere of state laws on forum of Baloch Student Organization (Azad). The mentioned organization is an armless and surface functioning group. “My husband never indulged in any subversive activity; therefore, he must be produced before the court if he has committed any guilt, but keeping him disappeared is violation of the Human Rights. The organizations of human rights defending must perform their due role for the safe release of Zahid Baloch”, appealed spouse Zahid Baloch.

The nationalist party Baloch National Movement (BNM) is protesting for the safe release of Zahid Baloch. They said, “the party had called for strikes in Balochistan and internationally the workers of said party observed sit-in front of British Prime Minister House, in Germany and at other places they are also protesting in same style that international leaders with community to know about abduction of Zahid Baloch and they pressurize the Pakistani authorities that to release the student organization leader”.

In Balochistan, the National Party which claims for being Baloch nationalist and pro-democracy totally seems helpless including senseless regarding the abduction of BSO-A chairman and other human rights violations in the province, too. The media organizations consider Balochistan a hotbed and lawless province but the chief minister of the province Dr Malik Baloch says, “Balochistan is tranquilized” by this way he is hiding sun with his figure. In fact, he can’t do anything for Baloch people, if he has any authority, so it is the best time to test his power and bring Zahid Baloch the chairmen of BSO-A on surface.

It is comic that Home Minister Balochistan talking with BBC gestured some inner information about BSO-A, he told this organization is nursery for Baloch insurgent groups and exposed other mysteries, too but amazingly he denied about recognition of Zahid Baloch the chairman student organization. Question rises he knows that much about organization but doesn’t know about head of organization and he has also no information about his arrest and disappearance. How irrational and insane statement release the politicians about Baloch!


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