Economic Injustices

By Akram Baloch

Balochistan’s current predicament would invite sarcasm. Balochs have been ruthlessly persecuted by the same angriness. Likewise,economic the Balochs are feeling hard done by and are angry. The causes of their protest, if not distress are historical and deep rooted. Their significance should not be trivialized by arguing that the uprising we are witnessing in the province is being stoked by India. Although latter may be true it is Baloch grievances which are fuelling the present insurgency. Similarly the establishment’s capacity to bring Balochistan’s economic and financial jugular to a halt through strong arm-tactics for that reason each government has wanted to keep the Baloch inside the lent rather then outside. Besides, No other nation is as paradoxical as Baloch.

Under a conspiracy such dynastic politicians have been imposed in our hierarchy. Here only tribal chiefs enjoy patronage. If not, baloch decision seems to over the last decade have been largely dictated by the quandary that faces in operating from a federal base above all the Balochs are also not given a plausible quote in federal and foreign services. Even their local parts are occupied by Punjab, Pakistan and Sindh.

It is the fact that they are deliberately propelled in a blind alley.

On the contrary, the Balochs who are mainly dependent on Iran and Afghanistan border, especially the people adjacent to Makoran and Rakshan belt earn their livelihood by import and export. Intentionally the borders were sealed to weaken the Balochs economically. In the same way our power loom industries stagger under the burden of load-shedding government has failed to take their grievances seriously. Both federal and provincial government is lukewarm toward them. Moreover, the Inward investment is discouraged. More than 300 factories in Balochistan were closed and later on transferred to Punjab.

Currently, Balochistan economy is on the verge of bankruptcy. It is also facing the threat of terrorism. Its national investments are blatantly as well as there is spell of insurgency in Balochistan.

Investors have wind up investment in Balochistan. Money has flown or has also been destroyed due to load-shedding. Therefore growth of our economy and industrial sector has nosedived resultantly have the youth face unemployment.

This article examines the economic aspect of their complaints after the 18 amendment and the recent NFC award under which the distribution criteria covering individual provincial shares pool of province as a whole revised.

Balochistan request that ‘area’ or lower population ratio as a criterion for allocation of resources between the province (to effort the minimum  cost of establishing a social service delivery outlet in province with small and scattered settlement ) did not, in my opinion, get adequate weightage.

I strongly believe that to satisfactorily address the grievances being articulated by Baloch a new federal structure has to be devised for long-term sustainability of the state. Keeping in view their sluggish economy the Baloch should be granted free taxation. The grandiose Gawader project should be handed over to Balochs. Moreover, the skilled economist should help them revamp their economy on scientific basis.


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