“Jagjit Singh; the Pioneer of Modern Ghazal”

By Agha Jahanzaib Baloch

When I picked my pen to write about the king of Ghazal singers, the great Jagjhit Singh, I felt that time is running out and there is solive in paris jagjit much more till to be done. But the love towards Jagjhit Singh compelled me to do more that’s enough such mingled feelings which were fabricated through my mind. Today when the king of ghazal is no more, but his sung songs remind of his greatness’ remember when I heard the soulful song from his album Sajda with lata Mangeskhar, came to my mind, that “Jakar jahan say koi wapas haheen hia allah, wo kaunsi jagha ha Alla janta hai, Qismat ma kiya hai, Allah janta hai”.

The great Jaghit made a permanent place in our heart his sizzling voice gives a wondering fragrance in our life. He was a master that could bring out the romance in his Ghazals the one that I loved “Apney Haatho ki Lakeero se” no wonder the world seems like much colder without the king of Ghazal that he is left his well-wishers so abruptly. Lyrist and director Ghulzar once said that Jaghit’s vacuum can’t be filled till decades, because he had truly devoted his voice to Ghazal singing. It is very difficult to define the loss, Jaghit was not only a singer but he was also a complete philosopher.

The man who transcended the barrier of geography through his melodious voice he was one of those who also sang glorification (Naats) in the prestige of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) which became famous throughout the Muslim world and the number of lovers increased. He was one who transcended the concept of discrimination that voice is the biggest power to eradicate hatred in the universe one can say that Jaghit made Ghazal accessible to the common man. He was an inventor by bringing western instrument like the guitar into Ghazal; Singh made the common man’s drawing room a court (Durbar) by bringing his beloved Ghazals on the silver screen and aristocratic Mehfils in to the warmth of the middle class home. Jaghit acknowledged Mehdi to be his inspiration. He was truly the pioneer because he broadened the base for Ghazal as I thought Ghazal was a boring aspect of music but it was Jaghit that turned our love towards Ghazal rather than pop music. I would not go as far to say that Ghazal loses its modern pioneer no singer has been able to render Ghazal in the melodious mood as he did. No wonder he has left us with sorrows but he remains immortal in our hearts through his magical voice.


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