Negativity surrounding Baloch

By Akram Baloch

Now-a-days Balochis-tan has been the limelight issue of world powers. It is suffering from the worst days of its history.

I would like to bring to your knowledge that apparently Baloch is one of the bravest Nations in Asia. Due to support the needy, helpless and downtrodden people the kingdom of Balochistan had steered its political and social development out of its harm’s way, but now their state is no more.

Although the Baloch maintained a high degree of autonomy until the post-colonial era, they have in recent decades faced increasing encapsulation in the states among which they divide Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. They now find themselves facing situations similar to those comforting other tribal peoples in the division among states and the Marginal position they occupy within those states, ethnicity and nationalism often assume great significance. It is Ironic to say that with demography being of the most powerful forces in politics, the Baloch nationalists claim that Pakistan and Iranian authorities have deliberately underestimated their population there is a great discrepancy between the nationalist estimates and official census of Baloch population.

The big concern is that they are being diluted and their national identity is in danger!

With the passage of time they will be no more recognized as a nation. Despite their injustice even today Baloch are living as refugees in Afghanistan. In Iran the Balochs are openly hanged on roads and squares. Where eastern Balochistan is in cross road since Balochistan was merged with Pakistan. It has a broken infrastructure and undeveloped literacy rate which is due to suspected racial profiling and discrimination Balochs have no permission to aggressed into politics nationally. Recently federal government designated B.S.O as a terrorist organization has been followed by collective back-slapping between government and establishment. This is odd, given that the move is largely symbolic and will have little, if any, tangible effects on the Baloch nation.

The very first of all the narration are regarded with the contemporary unrest scenario prevailing in their countries, where violation of human rights, denial to the basic needs of a common men are chafed and constantly senseless Baloch is cheered up with an eyewash. Hence it is the need if the hour that the whole world should seek in a political cataclysm to solve Baloch burning Issue. Especially we appeal to U.N, O.I.C and Europe Union to come up with concrete, comprehensive, predictable and time bound plans and roadmaps to solve the long standing nightmare of Baloch.


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