Poverty + Early marriage + Coming time

By: Aleem Azhar, Turbat

In the inauguration a substantial author’s quotation I am eager to share, i.e.  “If poverty comes at the door than love

Creep out from window”. Similarly; another splendid aphorism is there that “money talks”, in this proverb some masses indulge in moony that how does money talk?  If we start pensive in bottom of our hearts, we will be opt to know how money talks.

Now let’s come to the point that what the poverty itself is. In twenty first century poverty has become a sin.

However, mostly society or community involve from them unfortunately if someone become the hunter of poverty that all faults start exposing from his dewy rayed. The youngsters are going to the way of frustration by the dint of poverty. On account of they are owner of such kind of retinal if the poverty knocks the door, even kin and kin start leaving, but those guys shouldn’t forget Quran-e-Majeed’s verses that Allah says of his Holy Quran honor or abasement both are in my hands if I give reverence to someone than no one can vagary his respect in humiliation, but it is impossible and it is my plea for all youngsters there is no single word in history that no any nation got prosperity without education. Moreover, those parents who married   their children in compensation of chunk of amount. Actually they wanted to save to married their girl in low income family weather he is going the way of a fantastic future or he is eager about his nation. But they married their daughters to tycoons just for money. Surely they should bring   in their mind in this famous Balochi proverb “Hr mabo sumb ha machar aoshter bobo door bechar”. All those who are the guardian of their family members should know about that outstanding saying “education is better than your parents your parents bring you from sky and education is more enough able to touch sky”.

Eventually; those parents became of repentance just they think solely for money but their time remorse will not come in their work. Because “which is done cannot be undone”, therefore; I request to all reverence parents to think for ever life in their daughter not just for a moment. Because every cursory work will give detriment. 


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