Responsibilities of students

By Saleem dad, Turbat

It is commonly believed that students are the back bone and opinion makers of a nation and a society, perhaps the responsibility ofConduct Board Icon- Spring 2012 students cannot be measured by a common instrument as the role of a student is as high as the sky and as deep as lowest ebb of an ocean. Students mean to learn and have a thirst for knowledge and information honestly. No room left to doubt that the first and foremost duty of the students is to read and burn the midnight oil to gain knowledge for the betterment of their future. A student cannot be a neophyte without reading because learning is the nutrition for mind.  Reading habit lights the path of development and enables a student to differentiate between right and wrong.

The first purpose of a student should not only be reliant on reading and learning to acquire the education in the real sense with full zeal and zest but also to create an healthy culture of reading in the society. Furthermore, to have curiosity for knowledge, this helps polishing the mind. Due to studious students, a society or a nation can move towards development and advancement. Without education it is not possible for a student to progress towards a bright future. Obviously, reading is the source to bring changes in one’s life. If, students do not fulfill their responsibilities such as reading and learning, helping classmates, solving educational problems, respecting teachers and elders, create reading environment and so forth. Without maintaining above points, our surrounding won’t grow towards prosperity. It is needless to say that students must read dawn to dusk for their bright future and they need to be in touch with books, magazines and newspapers to enhance their intellectual growth.

Fulfilling learning responsibilities unlocks the golden doors towards the targeted destination. Students should apply new learning methodology to invest their time effectively to store knowledge in their minds. The essential factor is to know your strengths, weakness, aim and interest in order not to be driven easily. Reading plays a paramount role to nourish our mental growth. For a student, sharing opinions and speaking up to the other students and teachers help a student to improve sense of confidence and competence. Reading habit is one of the major responsibilities of every learner and nutrition for our mind.

Students are assets to the nation to generate ideas to apply in the various and sundry factors to gain the prosperity. The skillful and talented students produce knowledge to motivate young students who are dissatisfied to read due to failure in reading career. So, it is suggested that students not only need to read general and good books, along with their course books but also inculcate reading habit in themselves and others to create a healthy environment for reading.


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