The Poet for forever

Hammal, Roshna and Mehnaz, Tubat

It is stated that poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings means when the mind of an individual would be full of thoughts, then its overflow and takes the shape of poetry is called poetry. The poets are the great lover of nature and beauty. Atta Shad, who is considered the prominent poet of Balochi language, was born on 1939 in Singanisar, Turbat, in Balochistan. His real name was Muhammad Isaq. The fathers of Atta, Lal Khan, send him to Government High School Turbat for fundamental education. In addition, he passed matriculation in Panjur and went for higher education at Quetta. From the Degree College Quetta, he did his F.A and also B.A from the same College.

After completing the education, he started gaining high posts in Government of Balochistan. He served as the director of art council Balochistan, also employed in Radio Pakistan.

Consequently, Atta Shad started composing poetry at first in Urdu, at the age of twelve. With the passage of time he got expert composing poetry and gained a high privilege in Urdu literature. “Barfag” and “Sangaf” are the poetry books of Muhammad Isaq. According to Professor Mujtaba he was the poet of new thoughts.

Further, Atta felt the deprivation of his native language and it made him anxious to take his own language for composing poetry. In reality, the composing poetry of Atta Shad in Balochi language brought new thoughts, innovative ideas and newer concept which are new to the poet of Baloch. Anyhow, he brought a new change in world of Balochi poetry. It is written in the book of Karim Dashti ‘’ Dil Zereth Bolan ‘’ that this is the era of Atta Shad’s composing poetry and no one is allowed to compose poetry. Means, he is giving a high value to Atta.As it is stated by Ghafoor Shad, a lecturer of Balochi in University of Turbat that Atta Shad is not the name of poet but a name complete era or Elysium of poetry.

Moreover, last year a program was held at Delta Center Turbat where Ghani Parvaz, a writer, poet, playwright, analysis and a translator, he uttered every nation has their own well-known poets. Like, Shakespeare, John Keats and a lot of more. But, for me, Atta Shad is far better than those poets. Because, he was the poet of new dialogue.

It is a fact that he has written two books of poetry ‘’ Shap Sahar Andhem and “Rochghir”. It has written in the forefront of Shap Sahar Andhem that I started poetry in Urdu and my teachers supported me a lot. My friends try to dishearten me, but i was not .My supporters are, Meer Esha Qumi, Abdul Baqi, Master Khorshid and Waja Sarwath Hussain. My first verses of poetry published in Karachi with the help of Waja Azad Jamaladini .Glance my first two lines of poetry.

 Dunya hama dunya inth man hama sheda ho

 E derege dewanag marche tu ghushe saar inth.

In this regard, he is the poet forever. He met his maker in 13th February 1997 at Quetta and buried at Quetta. His contribution to Balochi literature would be remembered forever. Atta Shad left two daughters and one son in this May his soul rest in peace.


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