By Munir Jan Mirwani

Education holds a great significance in the current-day world. Literate people demonstrate awareness to their socio-political economic environment. They, without a doubt, make a positive contribution to the growth, development, and progress of their society and country. Unfortunately, particularly in Balochistan people are unaware of the importance of education.

The education system is driving towards destruction owing to unfair means and other malpractices. Moreover, as according to reports 33 percent of children are out of school and the primary enrollment is also less as par with other provinces. However, Pakistan’s literacy rate is 55 percent which is very low as compared to other neighboring countries. It is a fact that the deteriorating education system of Balochistan is too putting up in low literacy rate in Pakistan. Undoubtedly, on one hand, most of the people here are poor, cannot meet the minimum cost of schooling of their sons and daughter to buy books and stationery. It is, indeed, the poverty of the parents, which prevents them from sending their kids to primary schools. Therefore, parents are constrained to send their minors for earning instead of schooling that is extremely adding up in child labor and illiteracy.

On the other hand, parents who are economically well, get their shavers educated. Hence, these educators are nothing for good; they have degrees but no knowledge, as they often clear the examination by unfair means or by other malpractices. Provided the fact that students in Balochistan have complete liberty in examination hall, even they can listen to songs in exam center, many influential pupils can also get extra time to solve their paper. Examiners often seen relishing refreshments served by education providers or by other mafias during examination period.

It is a fact that the cheating process is practiced from first class to university level. I came across a friend student of pharmacy in Balochistan University. Interestingly, He had materials for cheating in examination.                                           I wonder even students of pharmacy are entail in such malpractices. How can we produce pharmacists? How such students would make medical drugs to combat diseases in the country? However, in compare to other provinces Balochistan is lacking critically and is strapped for the quality education. Whereas in Punjab, KPK, and Sindh students are not allowed to such unfair means. Recent past the KPK government had installed cameras and taken more steps for eradicating cheating trend from the framework of their society. Therefore they are producing productive members in society. Without a doubt, educates of masters in Balochistan are unable to write a letter or an application. Moreover, 60 percent recruits in education sector are illiterate, most of them are appointed on the bases of favoritism and nepotism. They often remain absent; merely take their salaries off at the end of every month.

Hence, given the glaring facts that the Balochistan provincial government has not made any laudable efforts as yet to control this serious issue. So it is a mighty serious pledge to the authorities concerned to take concrete actions to eliminate the menace of unfair means, in order to attain high level of literacy. The government must impart free and quality education among masses, so that more and more literate people can be furnished, as one cannot deny the contribution of literate people in development and progress of the country and society.


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