Baloch and their heart-sinking education system

By Abdul Mohammad

Nation-wise, Baloch are way behind in contrast with the other nations in terms of education which is not only valuable but 1476478_366752940136183_1284172767_nalso is the fundamental means for a victorious transformation of a nation. Let’s first of all know the meaning of ‘Education’. It means the process of learning, acquiring and seeking systematic knowledge & skill.

A Hadith tells: “Attainment of knowledge is a must for every Muslim.” At another place, it’s said that anyone who pursues a course in search of knowledge, divine will ease his hereafter. Education lays a firm foundation of conscience which has the attribute to differentiate between good and bad & wrong and right.

Now let’s throw a glance at the ongoing education system among Baloch youth. Education among Baloch youth is much like a spoon of salt in a desert like Sahara. By this point, I want to emphasize its ratio. Provided the fact that the improvement of Balochi-stan’s education system is badly facing many hurdles, like the paradoxical tribal system, primitive viewpoints, political embezzlement, cultural, discrimination as well as including the social pressurization in our patriarchy and especially the lack of governmental infrastructural amendments.

It’s no wonder that there are numerous reasons behind the backwardness of education in our society. Education system in any part of the world is totally dependent upon a country’s fundamental administration in provision of quality education. When it comes to quality education then words like well-behaved, sophisticated, victorious, modern, leading & autonomous come first to it. Modern technologies, multimedia means, scientific as-well systematic methods of educating students are the eminent features of quality education. It is a very staggering question to note that are we being provided the education we actually deserve? Obviously, the answers would go NO. Needless to say but provision of quality education in a non-participating society like ours is a far cry.

Besides, Facility-wise, our education system is like a chair with one leg on which nobody can sit. Same the condition with the schools’ structure is dilapidated. The staff of teachers is not a well-educated one. Back in 90s the extinct curriculum still persists with its obnoxious contents and where we should be provided multimedia means for gaining things better we are still dependent on theory based structures. In a broader sense, the more you read theoretically the less you grasp mentally contrary to this, the little you read practically the better you gain intellectually. By all means, it creates a huge divergence.

Recently, I was scrolling down a news page where I noticed an announcement declaring ‘world’s smallest app developer’ which as a result captured my attention and attracted my wholeheartedness in it so I found it way fascinating reading it. When I went through it, I got mindful that a 12 year old boy an Irish had developed an android app known as the Soccer Kick who had received the honor as the youngest app developer. Soon later its launch 400 downloads had been carried out. Striving to emphasize their development and ongoing success in education and modern sciences. Since, we right now, during some erstwhile years had got the idea of apps and many more, the youngest adolescents of other countries had developed leading apps. But we really can’t blame our students too because water is messy from its origin and the origin of our education is the corrupt government with her corrupt managements.

Contrary to what should be anticipated, we are passing the journey towards darkness. Once one of my teachers told me something as regards the education system in Pakistan especially Balochistan that the books they used to study at their period of time, i.e: 1990s are being taught to you in 2013. Instead of having the indispensability to altering the books and further bringing new features according to the modern era we are being taught the books which our teachers used to study.

There’s no with-staying the fact that today’s corrupt leaders are yesterday’s corrupt students. So if today our students aren’t provided quality education. Actually, a student’s life and professional field is like a black canvas now it depends on the student how he paints it. Baloch majority make up their mind to complete their Matriculation soon later get a governmental job like, (BNDR) or (as polio workers) and many more via support and recommendations whereas nepotism is rife but they really have got no idea that by applying for the same choices they can’t develop.

Their perspectives are limited. And their limit exists till the governmental job of just ten (10) thousand rupees. They forget that they have to shoulder the forthcoming responsibilities of their nation and motherland. If all and sundry begins figuring the same then development in a country like Pakistan will remain a dream. It will seem as if you have built castles in the air…!


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