Balochistan is valuable but Balochs have no right of human being

“However, Balochistan’s geo-strategic and geographical significance on the earth and its natural richness in mineral resources, like gold, copper and many such more precious makes it appear a wanting land to the eyes of every country, whether it be China, America or Pakistan, because of its state of Harmoz it is a golden bird, but unfortunately the point of exploitation has painted a bleak picture for the development of this province given the long-time neglect from the State merely interested in its exudation of outcome of resources”

By Farooq Baloch

Balochistan: the largest province covering 44% of Pakistan it constitutes approximately 347,190 square kilometers 1387889214-baloch-missing-persons-long-march-reached-hyderabad-from-quetta_3560414and the smallest in terms of population. The province is well known from its natural rich resources and deep seaport through the worldwide compare to rest of the provinces of Pakistan, God gifted it from numerous mineral resources such as gold, copper, natural gas, chromite, oil, coal mines deposits and deep seaport etc.  But the mineral rich province people are very poor, suffering from multiple problems, beside of general problems such as health, education, sanitation, agricultural. There exists a horrific law and order situation which has been a concerning problem in the province.

The justice system is completely collapsed in the province.

In addition, the province is suffering from violation of human rights such as enforced disappearances during the last three regimes of the governments, especially political workers were subjected to this heinous crimes and a large number of political workers were extra judicially killed in torture cells operated by state institutions. They kept disappeared persons in their captivity; they did not disclose their whereabouts. The families of enforced disappeared persons did not have any sort of access to their loved ones and even they do not know about their loved ones ‘are dead or alive’. By taking such action disappeared persons were deliberately kept away from the jurisdiction of implemented state laws, constitutional laws safeguard the rights of captives who are facing any sort of charges.

Law recommends state institutions to prosecute accused persons under implemented laws it also recommends that an accused person in the captivity of state institutions have a right to get legal assistance by high ring a council and state laws direct the state institutions that the families of accused persons must be given an excess to their loved ones no matter wherever they are detained.

In spite of constitutional guarantees and assurances regarding the accused person’s rights we have seen an interlay different situation in Balochistan. Constitutional and state laws are not followed by the state institutions. Thousands of people from different parts of the province have forcibly been disappeared. They have been kept away from legal protection their detention places are not disclosed and they are subjected to physical and mental torture whereas they are not produced before any court of law and time to time bullet riddled bodies of these enforced disappeared persons are dumped in mountains, deserts, and far flung areas of the province.

Intelligence agencies are violating human rights by abducting Baloch youths in collaboration with the Frontier corps. The family members of the victims blamed that their loved ones were abducted by intelligence agencies from their houses, shops, while traveling and even from the educational institutional and hospitals and later on after few days months or years their mutilated bodies found dumped on road sides or on mountainous areas of the province. It has become the routine of security forces, such violations show that they are above the law and there is no any institution to prevent them from carrying such unconstitutional acts. That is why there is sense of insecurity among the people of the province.

The first case of enforced disappearances took place when Asad Mengal along with his friend namely Ahmad Shah was abducted by security forces in 1973. Which was reported by media and documented by human rights organization, later on many incidents took place due to lake of resources or security reasons the families of the victims could not come to media or consult human rights organizations. The issue of enforced disappearances has worsened in the regime of Dictator Pervez Musharraf.

For the recovery of missing persons of Balochistan the role of Judiciary has seen quite silence.  The judiciary has not taken any so motto notice against the unconstitutional operations which were conducted different times by army in collaboration with the frontier corps and its agencies in the several parts of the province. A large number of people were picked up by security forces, their whereabouts remain unknown. The family member of the victims consulted the judiciary. But their cases were heard after months.

When the Ex-Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftekhar Mohammad Chaudhary started hearing regarding the law and order situation of the province in Quetta Registry the family members of the enforced disappeared persons appeared before the Chief Justice in the supervision of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons and pleaded to hear the cases of their loved ones on humanitarian biases, chief justice accepted the plea and started hearing the cases of missing persons on daily biases. Few of the missing persons were released; it brought a new hope among the family members of the victims, people from all over Balochistan started appearing before the court for the safe recovery of their loved ones but this hope did not prove long lasting when chief justice was issuing the order of the victims recovery few days later their bullet riddled bodies found from the road side, deserted or far flung areas of the province.  It brought the sense of insecurity for their loved ones; most of the family members were threatened not to appear before the court for the sake of their loved ones that they may not find the bullet riddled body of their loved ones.

The worsening issues of missing persons and their extra judicially killings, the efforts of the victims family members were not highlighted by the mainstream media. Many of the family members raised voice to get the attention of the human developed societies and international human rights organizations on the issue of enforced disappearances and extra judicially killing of the political workers, students and people from all walks of life. The chief minister of Balochistan in Karachi press club showed helplessness regarding the cases of missing persons, even CM of Balochistan visited the camp of voice for Baloch missing person assured the family members he will play his due rule for the safe recovery of missing persons but all in vain.

Voice for missing persons held number of peace full protests, press conferences and set on token hunger strike camps in front of Quetta, Karachi and nearly all the districts of Balochistan and recently they have completed the historic long march from Quetta to Karachi and Karachi to Islamabad the capital of the country and have completed 2000 kilometers it took them some five months. The participants of the long march were threatened during the long march by intelligence agents to end their march otherwise they will face consequences in spite of these threats  they have continued and  completed the historic long march, the voice chairman of the organization handed  over the list of the missing persons to the UN embassy. VBMP highlighted the issue of missing persons nationally and internationally. They registered number of  cases of missing persons in Supreme Court of Pakistan and Balochistan High court. The organization is advocating the families of the missing persons and documenting the cases of missing and extra judicially killed persons. The organization is in touch with the media to highlight the cases and tells the world community through media that state agencies are violating human rights by abducting baloch youth and political workers.

Many of the journalists from different news channels hold programs regarding the disappearances and they wrote in different newspapers about this issue. Such as in a daily English newspaper Hamid Meer wrote a story on Mama Qadeer (voice chairman of VBMP) breaks the record of Ghandi after 84 years and highlighted the case. He was attacked by unknown persons in Karachi and fortunately he was saved, he and his brother claimed that Meer was threatened by ISI. Journalists who highlighted the cases of missing persons were threatened to be abducted, extra judicially killed or attacked and would be harmed. Many of the journalists from Balochistan province lost their lives while performing their duties.  They were attacked by unknown persons the recent example of it is Hamid Meer who was attacked by unknown persons.

The performance of the local human rights organization regarding missing persons is zero human rights defenders who raised the voice of the violations of human rights in Balochistan province were forcibly disappeared and extra judicially killed as like the human rights defender Siddique Edho. He was abducted and later on extra judicially killed. The Asian Human Rights Commission and others highlighted the cases of enforced disappearances and wrote letters to the ruling government to end the enforced disappearances and extra judicial killings of the political workers. The missing persons must be released or they must be produced before the court of law if they were held culprit so then they must be prosecuted according to the law. The families must be told about the whereabouts of their loved one and they should be given chance to have a council according to their wish. If the state officials involved in the cases they must be prosecuted.


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