‘Break-the-silence and Save-the-Girls-education’

The protests in front of the Quetta press club against the forced closure of all girls’ educational institutions of Panjgur.

Bolan Voice Report

Baloch students, teachers, social and political activists protesting outside the Quetta press club against the silence of both provincial and federal government over the forced closure of girls’ private and public educational institutions in Panjgur.

Quetta: After receiving deadly threats from an underground yet unknown extremist religious group all the public and p4-1024x682private educational institutions of Panjgur remained forcefully closed due to that the tensions of insecurity have been increasingly on the rise among the parents and the female students of Panjgur, a south-western semi-rural district of Baluchistan. In the relevance in order to rise voice against the prolonged silence of both provincial and federal government a gigantic swarm of Baloch male and female students with their parents, teachers, social and political activists and many other people at least from all walks of life peacefully held a protest holding banners on which ‘Save-our-girls-education’ and ‘Break-the-silence’ written and peacefully demanding the authorities concerned as well as the government to take swift action against the newly emerged extremist religious group for the first time in Panjgur.

Moreover, the extremist religious group not much well-known yet goes under the name of ‘Jamat-ul-islamia-alfurQan’ which recently posed deadly threats to the administrators and owners of private and public schools as well as the English language centers to forcefully abandon imparting modern or as they say that ‘European education’ is (Haram) prohibited in Islam and it inculcates western culture and their proclivities into the minds of female students which is totally contrary to the jurisprudence of Islamic sharia, clearly states their issued pamphlet.

Whereas, The recent emergence of this extremist religious group is actually first time in the very tumultuous milieu of Panjgur which never has since its very dawn witnessed any such ‘internal or external extremist group’ emanating from the war-torn soil of Afghanistan and Iran to dwell in Panjgur nor it has given birth to home-grown radical Islamists because the land of Panjgur totally comprises peaceful-minded residents so far as the unpredicted coming-out of this group is concerned. Moreover, with the strict restraints the pamphlet which almost circulated throughout the institutions of Panjgur, declares that “If anyone doesn’t abide by what is strictly mentioned in the Pamphlet would be considered the enemy of Islam and deo volente the alfurQan Mujahidins would leave no stone unturned to live up to their Islamic resultant actions and the ones who disobey what is said they will have to face all the consequences relatively”. Almost currently all the masses of Panjgur have been well-aware of the emergence of the extremist Islamist group in their district since amid an array of such other hindrances and disturbances in terms of the development of the district educationally, agriculturally, socially and in line with the infrastructure It has been for many decades facing crucially problems to fare better. However, since the bringing-in of English language of Sir Zahir Hussan, Panjgur has been on the top of the list among the other educationally best districts of Baluchistan. And it is the district   hich has productively produced best students like Malik Siraj Akbar whose is currently an eminent US-based journalist whose home town is actually Panjgur but now given the abnormal taking place of radical group, perhaps, if the Baloch masses within the district remain silent over this issue, Panjgur would remain always the under-developed and more indulged in terms of everything which is much akin to their destruction in true sense and we must embrace the fact that “educating a male means merely educating an individual, but educating a female means educating an entire family, right by this philosophical quotation one would know the importance of female education for the development of that nation.

More deeply saddening is the fact to state that according to a recent international report that Baluchistan is very regressively retarding in terms of education of both genders, so, Baluchistan would take more than 100 years to reach the expected goal internationally, it needs more quality-based schools, colleges and universities to furnish best students that should at least be both nationally and internationally competitive as graduate, postgraduate and degree holding-students, instead of those all, in the province the number of active Madrassahs is quadrupling and surely there is a threatening possibility of the growth of more such radical Islamist groups. We all know that Baluchistan’s economy is very poor, so, from where funds of construction of Madrassahs are coming? By a little bit of personally cudgeling the brains one would come up with an answer that there is a well-planned story behind it to transform the framework of Baluchistan into the current framework of Waziristan where there the worst scenario of the Children and Women rights abuses taking place, no emancipation to women to get higher or private education, no right to participate where they have to, such a society the extremist sanctimonious Islamists are moving the heaven and earth to foist on the Baloch society whereas the history is evidence that from the very get-go the Baloch nation has been known to be a secular nation and it believes in egalitarianism both of male and female irrespective of the other things. With reference to the same forced closure of approximately 35 top quality-based public and private English educational institutions and of top English language centers in Panjgur, it is not a joke to deprive the nation of education as Baloch people are standing firm to hold the point “no-compromise-on-education”. It is clear that the exclusion of Baloch female participation in modern positive education would retard the complete nation in darkness without any light to find the way-out. It is enough remaining in darkness, now; it is the 21rst century, if the Baloch females are forcefully deprived of education in the presence of their parents, brave brothers, kin and kith so what else remains? Right now every solitary baloch individual within some affiliation with the land of Baluchistan well knows that in the province right now freedom movement is going on, so during this the state is totally devoted to creating many hurdles in the way of that movement, relatively, Banook Kareema from ‘Baluchistan students’ Organization-A’ speaking to the BBC Urdu said regarding the role of Baloch female individuals that “since in this fast developing globe Muslim women, however, have been playing a vital role in Islamic countries where radicalization has no existence, I believe, in Baluchistan, for past few years the baloch females have been very politically, socially and educationally active as the Baloch men. So, I believe, the forced closure of female educational institutions in Panjgoor and other areas of Baluchistan is the conspired work of the State to keep the Baloch females away from modern education which is their substantive need and source of awareness”. Moreover, surprising is the fact that both the provincial and federal government yet haven’t taken this huge issue very seriously as more the Talibanization in the province gets on its rise when uncontrolled merely results in destabilization and unpredicted repercussions therefore it is high time the government, the responsible and the authorities concerned took painstaking measures to root out this extremist terrorist group. If more the government remains silent over this educational deprivation issue of Baloch females so surely the more the Baloch masses feel being deliberately made to confront with such conspired plans under the name of Islam by representing extremist religious group. If there is any jurisprudence of service in the eyes of Government of Pakistan to be extended to the Baloch masses, so they must eradicate this radical group, otherwise, as the common Baloch masses are being threatened by the terrorist group not to educate their female off-springs, and today they burnt down a school-transporting van, tomorrow they might attack the school administrators or the students, if any such incidents took place by the so-called Islamist group, then as a result, The common Baloch masses in order to keep secure the lives of their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters would not take much time in selecting the ‘armed resistance as in defense’ which would lead to civil freedom movement and don’t dare call me anti-state!


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