Chief Minister Confession for being powerless

By Ahmed Khan

On 28th May, 2014, the Chief Minister of Balochistan Dr Malik Baloch visited the protest camp of comrade Lateef Johar 538e293251f86in front of Karachi Press club, where comrade was sitting on Hunger Strike till Death for the safe and sound release of his abducted leader Zahid Baloch the chairman of Baloch Student Organization Azaad (Bso-A). In addition, Dr Malik confirmed that he knows better Zahid Baloch and in past they practiced politics combined. Between them political differences exist but never ideological.

In camp talking to media men he explained the mentioned facts.

Dr Malik Baloch appealed to Lateef Johar to give up his hunger-strike-till-death but continue other way of struggling. He also informed that he has been contacting with the security agencies about release of Zahid Baloch from the abduction date of BSO-A chairman but he couldn’t make any achievement in this regard.

When Dr. Malik was questioned he is visiting the hunger protest with Chief Minister Capacity or as a common Baloch? So, he replied, “I am visiting and appealing to Lateef Johar to end Hunger Strike as a common Baloch”.

At that occasion Baloch student organization (Azad) acting chairman Banuk Kareema Baloch said that she is the eye-witness, saying that the frontier corps (FC) accompanying secret agencies personnel picked-up Zahid Baloch the Chairman of organization. Further, she said that on the abduction occasion crowd got gathered on Mekuran road, Satellite town Quetta, they witnessed Zahid Baloch captured by FC and agency officials. Banuk Kareema narrated this in presence of Dr Malik and media men. Moreover, The Chief Minister of Balochistan Dr Malik Baloch on several occasion claimed his government in the province is powerful and his cabinet is authorized in all affairs of the province. He also many times said that federal forces, especially FC is working under the control of provincial government.

This is right time that Dr Malik Baloch materializes his statements on ground. It is confirmed that the abducted BSO-A chairman was abducted by federal forces and it is testified by Banuk Kareema and other citizens of Quetta. Consequently, the chief minister Dr Malik Baloch ordered his controlled forces to bring the disappeared Zahid Baloch on map. Otherwise, those critics will be considered righteous that Dr. Mailk’s statements are merely brags which always evaporate in atmosphere but can’t be seen on ground. In the perspective of Dr. Malik Baloch statement and affirmation about Zahid Baloch’s abduction and contact with federal institutes regarding his release mentions, he is totally helpless and even lapse of months but failure to bring Zahid Baloch on surface is confession for being powerless.


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