Education is fundamental right but Baloch students are deprived of it

“In today’s swift globe of competition without the actual participation of Baloch females in positive importanttorefocusteachereducationeducational activities linguistically, technologically, scientifically, medically and without their contribution in such other relevant fields; their prospective goals would remain incomplete and possibilities of being dubbed an extinct nation on earth would be foisted easily on the entire generation of Baloch and the prolonged silence of both provincial and federal government over the forced closure of female educational institutions in Panjgur, is to rationally dub the government responsible for that for it is not taking any measures to resolve their nationally educational problem”.

By Tahir Malangzai Baloch

The private schools are stipulating awe-inspiring education to the students of Panjgur. Provided the fact that education is the fundamental right of every child irrespective of their gender. Prophet Mohammad p.b.u.h said that education is necessary for the male and female individuals therefore they have rights to gain and seek for education for it is our third eye which exudes the authority to take out the entire race of man from darkness into light, from animals to humans beings. Moreover, it tells us what is good and bad, what is just and unjust. I imagine that there are no rights for Baloch students to achieve neat quality of education, they’re being stopped and warned by yet an unknown Organization which goes under the moniker of Jamat-ul-islamia-alfurQan issued threatening pamphlets to the secular Baloch administrators of private and public educational institutions, saying that the Baloch female students should not strictly go to the private schools as they mentioned in their pamphlet that the modern or western education is prohibited in Islam.

Education is their basic right but still they’re deprived of it and its exclusion from Baloch society means nothing else is remaining for them. Where as a shameful facet we get to behold is the lack of interest of all sorts of to come up with social, national, educational and environmental remedies by highlighting the issues that the masses are confronting with but unfortunately, so far for that matter it’s failed to highlight the violence faced by the students here. It is right that media is famous to make “hero a zero and zero a hero” but so far the Pakistani mainstream media seems so uninterested in covering this nationally educational dilemma of entire Baloch nation. Provided the fact that when on October 9, 2012 Malala Yousafzai was shot by Taliban her issue was given so much attention by the national and international media to highlight. A question raises, why Malala has become extraordinary figure for the United Nations organization but other side here in Baluchistan thousands of Baloch Malalas are deprived and remain strapped for the provision of education they’re under threats and violence, why not their issue is being highlighted by the media, thus, a rational human being would realize after the slightest bit of contemplation that the silence of media, government, and the united nations organizations who aim at promoting peace and security to the privileged nations on the earth, thus, their prolonged silence just expresses that there is no right for Baloch students.Furthermore, for the sake of the curbing out the hurdles in the way of our both male and female education, it’s my petition to the provincial government of Baluchistan and the other authorities concerned to take prompt action for the aperture of all private schools in Panjgur and save lives of thousands of underpriviliged baloch children from the deep bleak shadows of destruction to befall on them, bring them into light and open the doors of all schools because they show the way of achievement. These children are not from another descendant or generation, in fact, they’re our siblings and they’re the prettiness of our garden “please do something nothing else they want” just they need their schools to be reopened; their innocent faces need happiness as they were happy before. Otherwise such catastrophic and horrible situations will put the all children into darkness and this will not only bring indulgence within the district but will the Baloch masse’s minds turn to such an eternal direction of hatred toward the authorities concerned to eliminate the hindrances of Baloch education who remain silent over this catastrophic juncture of Baloch nation but if they turn a deaf ear to the Baloch issues without coming up with a resolution, so, must keep in mind that the foisted indulgence of illiteracy on Baloch people is much like a source of injected energy and a chance given to the entire Baloch nation to realize to struggle for its rights and autonomy on its own way.


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