Imperative for Baloch to apply the approach of Yousaf Aziz Magsi: BSF

Bolan Voice Report

The centralized spokesperson of the Baloch Solution Front consisted alliance of Baloch Watan Movement, Balochistan3162020294_77b5b4e68c_o Independence Movement as well as Missing Baloch Movement in his issued statement has said that Baloch national leader Mir Yousaf Aziz Magsi’s invaluable revolutionary struggle along with his pragmatic life is source of guideline. The front in its statement further said that on a national level and political platform, Mir Yousaf Aziz Magi gathered all the disintegrated Baloch individuals against the British subjugation and for the freedom of Baloch nation along with that he innovated various and divergent united ways of the struggle movement. In addition to that, for the interest of freedom he also gave critical heed to the diplomacy of international mobilization and to the journalistic fields, too. He also greatly realized the extremity to unite and make more contacts with the Baloch populated in India, Balochistan and other different countries to struggle in bloc against their enemy and in order to make his own people educationally, politically and mentally present and active-minded revolutionarily and ideologically, he also established various political platforms and thus, in that way strengthened the roots and fundamentals of Baloch nationalism.

The spokesperson also mentioned that when the British powers by dint of force subjugated Baloch-istan in 1839; consequently, the opposition of this international subjugation started sprawling like fire, whereas in the tribal areas of Jalawan, Sarawan and Marri the Baloch people stood up against it.

Moreover, Yousaf Aziz Magsi linked the revolutionary sentiments of his people’s resistance against the subjugators to their national movement and he provided the masses with organizations and issued pamphlets, although, the life did not prove itself loyal to Yousaf Aziz Magsi when a catastrophic earthquake occurred in Baluchistan that resulted in his martyrdom but indeed, markedly today his philosophical thinking, guideline and bravery with tolerance is present for us as an ideological tool.

Furthermore, the spokesperson also said that Yousaf Aziz Magsi also on every solitary step faced many obstacles and problems; the British and its state agencies always tried to dissuade him from the way of his struggle movement but he was a determined and brave leader, indeed whom confronted all the circumstances in tolerant ways to reach to his destination. The chains of forced subjugation could never get enchained his thinking, his struggle and his activities with the ups and downs and the difficulties he faced by constantly giving sacrifices and believing in his ideology made him stand firm on his mission and destination.

Besides, the translator said that the invaluable sacrifices of Yousaf Aziz Magsi and thousands of other revolutionary strugglers’ pragmatic efforts for freedom are a deterrent steel wall for the State that the Baloch despite getting their motherland transformed into getting ruled by the subjugators and for its autonomy and freedom they will move the earth and heaven to grow the seeds of freedom in the heart of their motherland, even if it required blood streams of its people and given this devotion, the Baloch people have never been unaware of their ideologically historical obligation for the defense of its motherland. And today the subjugator state with all every sources and war-weapons is killing and dumping the individuals of Baloch nation but the State must remember that Baloch nation is decisive and in a confident manner with the truth of its struggle than the powers and the traditional elements is more tolerant and the State should remember that this is the motherland of Yousaf Aziz Magsi and in its foundation the blood of Baloch martyrs is also involved. So, Till when the State will run its economic engine by the geographical and strategic significance of Baloch land? Or by exploiting the exudation of Sindak and Riko-dak worth corers for the development and infrastructure of the State and by using it to crush the Baloch nation?

Now, it is imperative for the Baloch nation to strengthen their struggle by applying the method of Yousaf Aziz Magsi and the thousands other to free the Baloch land from the subjugators by standing up together as the power and strength!


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