Lateef Johar ends Hunger Strike till Death on appeal of Asian Human Rights Commission

Bolan Voice Report

Asain Human Rights Commission along with other Human rights organizations appealed to Comrade Lateef Johar to end lateef johar press conferencehis hunger strike unto death assuring him of doing whatever it takes for the safe and sound recovery of his Leader, Zahid Baloch and the organization also assumed seriously the responsibility to rise voice against the extra-judicial kidnappings and ‘kill-and-dump-policy’ in the international level to put an end to further human rights violations and abuses in Balochistan. According to AHRC’s recent appeal, it clearly stated that on 18th March 2014, Zahid Baloch, was forcefully abducted from the Balochistan University, Quetta, by the plain cloth persons claiming to be ISI operatives and that of the notorious intelligence agency but surprisingly they claim that Zahid Baloch is not in their custody, as a Human rights concerned organization their question is, Where is he then?

Lateef Johar, who has been on Hunger-Strike-unto-Death for more than 46 days in front of the Karachi press club, after receiving the assurance notification from the AHRC via an online conversation with its official representatives. They said that they will rise voice against this inhuman and extra-judicial kidnapping of his leader most importantly in UNO forum and in other human rights related organizations to find out a resolution on swift bases taking into consideration the chances of insecurity of his life and inhuman tactics of torture at the hands of so-called paramilitary forces, for many such ‘kill and dump’ cases of thousands of Baloch students, teachers, political and social activist and specially the members of Balochistan students’ organization (Azad) have yet remained uncovered and unresolved. Whereas,  after the appeal, Lateef Johar and his students’ organization’s decision on this basis of the assurance of AHRC for taking up seriously this case nationally and internationally, announced the cessation of his hunger strike but his demand is still the same ‘safe and sound’ recovery of his leader, Zahid Baloch and along with the other students and political workers of Balochistan Students’ organization Azad, among them is Zakir Majeed who was allegedly picked up and since today he is missing.

In AHRC’s recent appeal, it said that both the federal and provincial governments have failed to take this agonizing national issue of Baloch people as seriously as they have to. Since, Lateef Johar has been on hunger strike the discreditable mainstream media of Pakistan has never taken it so seriously to give the slightest bit of coverage. Furthermore, in more clear sense, it said that “The government has completely ignored his hunger strike and forgot; rather providing medical help has not even bothered with monitoring his health. This has caused much resentment to the student community in Sindh and Balochistan”. Given the fact that Sindh and Balochistan are the provinces where on daily basis they receive built-riddled, inhumanely tortured, burnt and dumped bodies of their near and dear ones, since in both provinces, the two nations, Baloch and Sindhis have been rising their voices against this brutal barbarism of the State and in both the provinces for gaining autonomy the emergence of insurgency amongst the common masses is on the rise. This is not the first time that Sindh and Balochistan’s masses have also fallen a victim to the brutalities and ruthlessness of the State paramilitary forces, in 1971 in Eastern part of Pakistan, now better known as Bangladesh, during the freedom movement its people also witnessed the same acts, where as 3 million innocent people were extra-judicially killed, and 26000 reported dead, women were kept in hostages for sexual gratification, but however, history is transparent and such barbarism from the State didn’t refrain the Bangali people from gaining an independent country.

However, the same are taking place in Sindhudesh and Balochistan. In the eyes of those who are falling a victim to the ‘kill and dump’ policy whether be it a Sindhi or Baloch, both the nations have been allegedly, mentally and physically opposing the foisted suppression, since, there some days back in an area of Sindhudesh, the dead body of Leader Muneer Khan Choliyani, was found, as receiving dead bodies on constant bases of their students, teachers, professors, political and social activist, human rights defenders, journalists over all people from all walks of life, in the community of the both nations, Baloch and Sindhi, constantly the resentment is quadrupling against the so-called brutal regime and injustice of the state is furthermore injecting the last resort of armed resistance into the minds of and among even the common masses of the both provinces. On the other side of the coin, the recently issued ordinance by the President Mamnon Hussain under the name of Pakistan Protection Ordinance (PPO) is further worsening the situations, as the forces are given a free hand to conduct military operations where-ever they want. During such military operations innocents also get killed or kidnapped if forces find them suspected of anything. Thus, both the Sindhi and Baloch are suffering badly and Lateef Johar is one of those witnesses who have seen along with his other fellows, his leader getting kidnapped forcefully at the hands of paramilitary forces and intelligence agencies.

And today, Lateef with his fellows, fears of his leader getting tortured or killed in their underground penitentiaries, and by being on hunger strike he meant to highlight the plight of Baloch and Sindhi people, as he reached his goal, and today the civilized world well recognizes Lateef Johar, and the international human rights organizations are well aware of lateef’s demand, if they further remained silent over this national issue, if anything happens to his leader, the UNO, the civilized world with its peace-promoting organizations will be held responsible for it, says lateef Johar, the centralized committee member of BSO-A.


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