UoB result dilemma

University of Balochistan,(UOB)  has been failed in the provision of proper and authentic result of the annual examination of BA. As known before that in the comparison of other provinces Baloch-istan board is the last to announce the result of any exam, either intermediate or BA, and the consequence of the late result has been the  case of no admission in several universities of Pakistan.

Hence, it is really heartening that education system has become one of the most corrupt governmental departments. The most common example is my own result, when I was selected in the base of hope- a certificate provided by the universities or colleges- where my percentage was 62 with 490 marks and by the time result was announced, which was for sure late, I had been flunked in paper of Islamic studies and the problem why I failed is a fun because my paper of IS was solved in English which was hated by the checker who was a Mulla whose hating of America has revealed the anger on my paper.

The ridiculous act of the authorities is really concerning and playing with the emotions and money of the poor students of Balochistan- known before a backward area and the largest province of Pakistan in terms of area is showing that education has been made a business which is another story.

Lastly , I request the authorities concerned and most importantly, the Chief Minister of Balochistan, who himself is a middle class family member, that ending the usage of cheating materials in the examination hall is not the demise of the problem but to strengthen the education, the officials and the department fundamentally.

Mehraj Khalid, Turbat


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