Comrade Khair Bukhsh Marri was an ideology creator: BSO-A

 “Comrade Khair Bukhsh Mari was not just an individual but he is an ideology; And we cordially pay limitless thanks to the Baloch nation for making it possible for the desired burial of Comrade Khair Bukhsh in “Shu’dya-e-Kabirstan” among his other ideological comrades; Balochistan Students’ Organization, BSO-A”.

Bolan Voice Report

The central spokesperson of Balochistan Students’ Organization (Azad), BSO-A, said in one of his issued statements thatkhair bukhsh the abrupt demise of veteran Baloch leader, Comrade Khair Bukhsh Marri, is a mourning for the entire Baloch nation, but, despite caring for the sentiments of Baloch nation at that critical juncture, the Pakistan forces kept his corpse in their custody and transferred his body to their mortuary room. And after doing so they started hatching conspiracies of burying his cadaver anonymously in Kohistan, area of Balochistan.

Having known their plan of burying his body there in Kohistan in anonymity. After talking to the other veteran Baloch leaders in Quetta, the members of Balochistan Students’ Organization, BSO-A, took swift steps to protest against this act.

In addition, BSO-A students called all the members and Baloch people from all walks and Baloch females and males gathered in a huge quantity in front of the Quetta press club at 9;00 o’clock of morning time. And we then arranged a protest rally marching from many routes of Quetta to the hockey ground at 10:00 o’clock, where the last prayers of Comrade Khair Bukhsh Marri were being offered, at the same moment the BSO-A students protested, seeing the protest many Baloch people who were gathered there joined the protest of BSO-A.

After our constant firm on protest to bury the cadaver of Comrade among his ideological companions in Shu’da-e-Kabristan instead of Kohistan-e-mari, Jangiz Marri along with the Pakistani forces announced that the Baloch masses are not letting them take the corpse of Baba Khair Bukhsh Marri, thus, the funeral and the prayers will take place in Hockey ground and his body will be buried in New-Kahan.

Furthermore, the spokesperson of Balochistan Students’ organization categorically paid admiration and thanks to the Baloch masses who made it possible to bury him where Comrade Khair Bukhsh Marri himself in his life desired to be buried among his ideological comrades. He further said, Comrade is always alive in our hearts and his left footsteps are always a guideline for the Baloch National Movement.


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