Educational Tragedy in Makran

 “Nobody can deny the fact that Panjgoor has been on top in educational field among the three districts of Makran since decades; be it inside Panjgoor or the other two districts of Makran i.e Gwadar and Turbat. The students of Panjgoor have been the position holders in most of the examinations of different levels, and undoubtedly, since the last nearly one and a half decade there has been a great role of private educational institutions in shape of schools and English language centers”.

It is hurting to mention that for the last one or two years the conspiracy against the private educational institutes has beenEDUCATION-text in progress in many ways; such as, sometimes in shape of mobile messages, doing propaganda in different gathering and chalking on the walls etc. As the anti-education elements failed to stop the development of education in the area, they started threatening the heads and the students. What the irony is the all the private educational institutions are off for the last four months.  The recent unfortunate accident by anti-education elements in Panjgoor is the alive example of enmity against the education in which the terrorists fired on a principal car leaving the students and the principal injured. Furthermore, in this accident the car of the principal was burnt. The terrorists are of the opinions that female education is against Islamic laws. No doubt, they must have forgotten the real teaching of Islam and prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in which it is mentioned that getting education is obligatory for the both – males and the females. This is unfortunate that in the other parts of Pakistan the restrictions on education has been already existing and KPK province is the biggest victim of it. An estimation says that in KPK more than 600,000 students are out of school due to militancy in the recent years. In the previous month the KPK assembly held a debate in which the education department stated that so for hundreds of school in the province have been destroyed by the militant groups. The tragedy of Panjgoor is not the only case against the education but we need to remember that before some months an English language center – Karwan English Language Center in Koshkalt was made permanently off by unknown people; likewise, DELTA in Turbat City and another Language Center were forcefully closed by the same kind of groups.

What seems that the there is a planned conspiracy against the education of Baloch-istan in which the only aim of the militants is to destroy the educational system of Balochistan. We must not forget that Balochistan lacks facilities in every field, especially Makran is very much backward in other facilities, but, the education of Makran has topped almost the all educational institutions of Balochistan.

It goes without saying that it falls to the provincial and federal governments to take strong step against the ones who are destroying the education and making the future of students dark. If this issue is not solved, the number of schools will soon start decreasing and the number of illiterate people will increase in no time. Moreover, it is also the responsibility of the people of the area to be united against the enemy since the education is the only weapon to fight the ignorance.


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