ISIS became the riches Jihadist

The Sunni militants of ISIS, Islamic state of Iraq and Syria became the world’s richest Jihadist group and the unforeseen future implications that might befall.

By Jameel Jansheer

Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is an unrecognized state and active jihadist militant group in Iraq and Syria.Untitled-1 According to the statistics and the claims of the several leaders of this Islamic Jihadist organization that the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 during the presidential authority of George W. Bush forcefully provoked them to wage jihad against the United States of America and it is also said that the American military action further made it easy for them to recruit militants and eventually retook manipulation of the country.

Particularly, this Islamist Jihadist armed organization comprises and is supported by a heap of homegrown insurgent groups, including its predecessor organization, the Mujahideen Shura Council, al-Qaeda, Jaysh-al-Faitheen, Jund al-Sahaba, and in short many more supported it with the aim of establishing an Islamic State and its sovereignty. In addition, Its mission of the existence was to establish a caliphate in the Sunni majority regions of Iraq, later extending and sprawling this to include Syria. On the other side, In February 2014, after an eight-month span of power struggle, al-Qaeda cut all its ties with ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

In terms of attacks either on military or government targets, this group has taken responsibility for heaps of attacks that have slain thousands of Iraqi civilians. In early June 2014, following its large-scale offensives in Iraq, ISIS is reported to have seized control of most of Mosul, the second most populous city in Iraq, a large part of the surrounding Nineveh province, and the city of Fallujah. Moreover, according to the sources, ISIS has also taken control of Tikrit, the administrative center of the Salah ad Din Governorate, with the ultimate goal of capturing Baghdad, the Iraqi capital. ISIS was believed to have only 2,000–3,000 fighters up until the Mosul campaign, but during that campaign it became evident that this number was a gross underestimate. And now it is quadrupling its militants for recruitment is open to every Sunni Muslim who are bestowed up jihad responsibility in Islam.

The unforeseen future complications that might befall.                                                           Staggering is the fact that recently ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, heavily armed Islamist militants flush with $450 million in stolen cash from a bank and became the world’s most richest jihadist group in terms of its finances, consequently, pushed toward Baghdad on Friday.

By dint of this huge amount of money it might quadruple its armaments, ammunition and other deathly weapons to use against the Iraqi people, government instillations, and military troops, thus, this could prove to be more dangerous as prior to some months it killed many innocent Iraqi civilians. Moreover, in line with the same mishaps having taken place, Mosul Mayor Athier Nujaifi told the media that “Al Qaeda-linked insurgents who overran large parts of the north of the country earlier this week also seized about $450 million during a bank heist.

He further said “this makes the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) the world’s richest terrorist group”. So, given the fact that now it holds the status of the world’s richest Islamist Jihadist group this might prove to be very much dangerous both for the civilized and peace-promoting western countries and the minorities and denominations within Iraq and Syria and other adjoining areas as well as those who have some affiliation with other denominational sects will markedly fall a victim to this Jihad sentimental group.

On other side, though being a Jihadist armed group running under the banner of Islam, the ISIS has taken a shameful act to steal the money of non-moslems to enhance its sustainability under the name of Islam and its sacred order for Jihad. In true terms, this jihadist group has transgressed all the Islamic limitations for appropriate Jihad and its misinterpretation led it to the rules against the jurisprudence of Islamic sovereignty. Though, In Islamic orders, Jihad is imputed to and it is incumbent upon every Sunni Muslim to execute, but to steal money to strengthen its number of weapons and other things of a real Islamist Jihadist movement, is not welcomed by Islam because for doing Jihad one has got to be mentally, physically and by soul pure and must refrain from the illegal activities or don’ts that are contrary to Islamic rules and regulations.


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