Khashwat Singh; An international writer

By Shamsher Jamaldani

“Devoted writers are, indeed, more than reformers who come up both social and national remedies for a better transformation of ours lives even by writing using their invaluable blood, among such devoted writers, Khashwat Singh, is one of them.”

Khashwat, no doubt, is a living legend of Indian literature, which has contributed enthusiastically with a transparent zealkhushwant-singh and contributing as well. Similarly he had also lighliged the atrocities of imperials through media. Originally, Khashwat Singh belonged to Lahore and was likely to get his elementary education from there.

Later on, he acquired his higher education from Chiefs College and temple London.

After completion of education he served as an advocate in Lahore high court. Meanwhile, the partition took place. He was appointed as an Indian foreign Minister soon after that, the assumed ambassadorial responsibilities in London and Canada. He had also represented India in Unisco Paris. Despite these Civil services his creative efficiencies forced him to discover new ideas and new perception subsequently, Khashwat adhered to “All India Radio” then he promoted Literature is the line of his Journalistic services. Mean line, he wrote the History of Sikhs and became a popular writer. He contributed generously to Indian literature till his death.

But regret to hear the sudden demise of Khashwat Sigh, the well-known Indian journalist and writer, India has lost a writer of great perception and skills with his sharp writing, he exposed the many foibles in the Indian political and social system. He wrote very simple prose. In an easy to ready style but made strong points, this appealed to a wide range readers across educational levels he wrote for the educated elite.

He was a doyen of good writing and legend in his own lifetime. Apart from educating millions with his lacisive writings, he also trained and developed many generations of writer and Journalist a truly lasting contribution. In addition to that, He was also a fearless man, he incurred the wrath of the journalistic community in India by supporting Mrs Indira Gandhi’s energy in 1956, because thought, he would improve the country.

However, he returned the honors given to him by the government, when Mrs Gandhi authorized the Military operation in the Golden temple in 1984. During his editorship of the “illustrated weekly if India, is the late 1960, the sales of the Magazine zoomed to an all-time high, from 60,000 to 450,000 and readers books forward to every issue every weak.

A very simple man in formal and informal occasion. He replied to every letter he received personally. Above all, he set up to sum up with the point that Khustwat would be remembered as sublime relics of hasting. He would certainly be last up in the glinting pages as much as this would exist.


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