Pakistan launches operation in North Wazirsitan

After the attack on Karachi Jinnah International Airport Pakistan is now dealing the militants with an iron hand by launching a ground operation in North Wiziristan.

Bolan Voice Report

The shocking attacks of Islamist militants on Jinnah International Airport in Karachi on 8 June 2014, approximately aswaziristan according to media sources 10 militants armed with automatic weapons, a rocket launcher, suicide vests, and grenades entered through the old terminal for a planned attack but fortunately, given the number of the ASF security forces in the airport area, the militants were dealt with an iron hand and their plans at least resulted in dud at the hands of security forces. Soon after the attack, the Rangers arrived and cordoned off the airport area quickly. Firing and blasts continued for some hours and mourning started from the public side given the scheduled arrivals and departures of planes and their passengers in the airport area during the fatal attacks, from masses side some 36 people were killed, including all 10 attackers, and at least 18 were wounded.

Soon after the attack on Airport having taken place, resultantly, Pakistan has taken military measures by launching a ground operation in North Waziristan as the TTP claimed responsibility for the attack. So far as the proposed attackers are concerned so they were foreigners of Uzbek origin who belonged to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), an Al Qaeda-linked militant organization that works closely with TTP. According to TTP, it said that the attack was a joint operation they executed with the IMU, who independently admitted to having supplied personnel for the attack.

Now, given the fatal assault on the international airport of Pakistan, it culminated in Operation Zarb-e-Azb, a comprehensive Pakistan Armed Forces operation against militants in North Waziristan and now they are dealing them with an iron hand as an eye for an eye language.

On the other hand, in North Waziristan there are many people who have been displaced, according to the provided statistics the government has so far registered 435,429 Internally Displaced People (IDPs) affected due to the ongoing operation in North Waziristan with the help of the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA). Moreover, stating the government registered 35,381 families including 114,596 males, 137,301 females and 183,532 children, number of IDPs increasing with each passing day. And now there are facing also many problems as they are keeping fast in camps in the holy month of Ramadan and as the operation was launched on June 15, the military operation Zarb-e-Azb against militants in the troubled North Waziristan agency of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) that resulted in a temporary migration and relocation of the displaced persons from the area of operation to safer locations.warisitan map

Moreover, adding that Consistent to the earlier instructions, the government assigned the task to the Ministry of States and Frontier Regions (SAFRON) to make necessary rehabilitation arrangement of IDPs. However, this time the government decided to engage the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) too in the process which is in line with the mandate of the organization. Upon instructions the NDMA now engaged with the ministry of SAFRON, Federally Administrative Tribal Areas Disaster Management Authority, Provincial Disaster Management Authority of Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa, Pakistan Army, Civil Administration and other partners to coordinate and implement the plan for efficient management of all IDPs’ issues.

The NDMA team, led by Member Operations NDMA, Brig Mirza Kamran Zia has already been deployed in district Bannu, Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa to monitor and facilitate the present status of IDPs situation and ensure provision of effective and timely relief assistance to the IDPs within and outside camps. So far a total of 34,625 families have crossed over from North Waziristan areas of operation and have been registered in Bannu. About 1100 families have arrived in DI Khan and 480 in Lakki Marwat district.

The relief camps were immediately established at the onset of operation. The main IDPs camp has been established in BakaKhel, Union Council in district Bannu of KP. Unfortunately not many people have opted to live in the camp and the bulk preferred to live with their relatives and host communities as per past practice.

The team, along with senior civil and military officials, monitored IDPs camp management to ensure that people are facilitated with all necessary apparatus and arrangements. The relief camps have been provided with all necessary facilities including provision of shelter, health, hygiene, latrines, cooked food, electricity and mosque. Food and financial assistance is being rendered to the affected people at the time of registration at check points. The NADRA mobile registration points have been put in place at the check points too. Polio vaccination of entire displaced population and health checkup of those in need is also being ensured at check posts.

Furthermore, free transport has been arranged for daily evacuations to bring the IDPs to relief camps.

There are efforts to expand the camps and make additional arrangements to facilitate all those IDPs who wish to live and return in the camp. In this connection a field hospital is also being setup jointly by the army and civil administration to meet the additional demand due to influx of 45,000 IDPs in to the area. Food and cash distribution for the affected population is also being done in the area. The WFP has also established a food point in the area, with the approval of federal government and their assistance is being largely appreciated. The NDMA has handed over additional 2,000 tents to the FDMA for further distribution among the IDPs. All planning and execution for this humanitarian effort is being done jointly by the NDMA, FDMA, PDMA KP, Pakistan Army and civil administration. A formation of the Pakistan army has been tasked exclusively to support the civil administration to ensure smooth and efficient execution of this onerous task. The government, the armed forces and all the concerned departments and agencies as well as humanitarian partners are putting in their diligent efforts to mitigate the sufferings of displaced people.

Given the huge availability of many working organizations, the main crux and the problem of the IDPs is their basic facilities that should be ensured on quick basis given the currently going Ramadan month as they are currently facing many problems, on the other hand, the operation is going on and Air forces are also taking part in that it should be also greatly taken into account that the masses’ lives should be ensured to be kept secure from any casualties by the attacks either from the militants’ or military side given their current status as IDPs, therefore, it is very obligatory for the government to keep account of every current welfare organization to order as well as put pressure on them to work seriously for those IDPs because this time is one of critical juncture of our people.


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