By Dr Naeem Baloch, Mastung

When exam arrives, students become extremely worried and make plans how to study, how to perform better and get good marks. Some students find exams so difficult that the phobia makes them sick.

LOVE YOUR STUDIES:                                                               300_841654                  

Attitude of a student contributes a lot in the examination. Negative attitude of a student towards education affects his academic performance in the examination badly while the regular and hardworking students make good in examination. So thinking the studies as boring, hard and dull will increase the problems in learning process. That is why we should love our studies the way we love Facebook, games etc.

GAME AND SPORTS:                                                                

Parents should supervise their school going children’s activities but it should be clear that excessive restrictions especially during exams affect the results of students and make them rebellious and dull. Students need breaks during studies to refresh themselves and it is possible through games and sports. So we should not eliminate our relaxing activities such as playing games and watching T.V programs from our daily schedule because these are as important as our studies.

SOME HELPFUL TIPS:                                                                                                                               

We should seek teacher’s advice on how to study in a better way for examinations

*  Planning of Study Timings.

*  Take exercise, walk and play game to get refreshed.

*  Practice old question papers to give you an idea of the pattern followed by teachers

*  Develop self-confidence with the thinking that nobody could do better than me but avoid over confidence as it may affect your future career.


*  Have a healthy breakfast

*  Do the final revision of important topics

*  Get engaged in positive self-talking

*  Never revise at the last moment


*  Organize everything you have i.e. pen, pencil etc.

*  Plan out timings during examination

*          Not to start the paper soon after getting it from examiner. Start the paper from the question you know the best. The best way to success is to face what comes our way and counter all difficulties with a smiling face. We will surely come out as winners.


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