The Zarb-e-Azb operation and Islamic Parties of Pakistan

By Ahmed Khan

In 80s’ era American CIA got muster criminals of the world in Pakistan and the FATA area was allocated to them for training base with sanctuary, too. The Arabs and Africans were sub-ordinated to Usama Bin Landin, who was also associated with CIA in early days of Jihad in Afghanistan.

The colonel Imam trained more than 80000 warriors to fight them against soviet. At that time the Islamic parties, like Jamal-e-1277655Islami, Jamiat-F and others were also assisting America and Pakistani secret agencies to hire Mujahidin and recruited religious infuriated voluntaries. The said Islamic parties and orthodox decreed Afghan war as holy war “Jihad” against Soviet Union.

The time changes its facets. Soviet Union step-backed from Afghanistan due to defects in its political structure and granted autonomous to other states which were part of socialist federation of USSR. The Mujahidins occupied Afghanistan and were renamed with Taliban by approval of that time Prime Minister of Pakistan Ms. Benazir Bhutto.

The international situations turned its side and got averse to Taliban and former CIA personnel Usama Bin Ladin. When America changed position, so Pakistan also spontaneously became foe of Taliban ostensibly but in core the realities were some different on Pakistani side.

In 2002, America by help of NATO and Northern Alliance had overran on Afghanistan, eventually toppled the Taliban government in Kabul. At that occasion Pakistan had provided logistics and intelligence support the United States to win the Dollars and other hand secretly used Jamiat Ullema-e-Islam and Jamiat Islami to oppose US in region. When American forces invaded Afghanistan, then JUI-F blocked all road and rail channels in Balochistan. The Quetta was jammed by infuriated workers of discussed right wing party. Afterward the militant organizations have been carrying-out attacks on NATO supplying vehicles which are using the rout of Balochistan and KPK. The militant torched and robbed thousands of NATO containers but amazingly the culprits never were arrested and that is a mystery.

Recently, the American senior journalist after thorough research wrote a book “The Wrong Enemy”, in that she mentioned the Musharraf pushed America in the marsh of Afghanistan but secretly ever patronized the Islamic militants. The real enemy is Pakistan and US must recognize and stop all aid whether it is military or civil.

It’s amazing the Jamiat was an ally party of Musharraf that time ruler at National Assembly, but on the roads same party workers were protesting violently against NATO and America.

After 2006, the Baloch insurgency got intensified due to the assassination of eminent tribal leader Akbar Khan Bugti that catalyzed the Baloch insurgency and it has inflicted state machinery in great loss, so the Islamic elements got together and dubbed with ‘Pakistan Defa Council’, which held about three rallies in a month against NATO supply line but they were intimidating the Baloch in their statements and speeches to handful of people’s assembly. These elements were staunch supporter of Taliban in series of Islam.

Today situations totally turned in opposite direction that state doesn’t need these Taliban at all, and an operation “Zarb-e-Azb” has been launched to eliminate them. Here it is astonishing that Islamic parties and alliances are fully quite, there is no voice for Mujahidin and Taliban those were the hero of these Islamic inclined people.

This impels to think that discussed Islamic parties are being used by someone or their remote is with federation of Pakistan that on any advantageous period uses Islamic notions and in aversive situations by these Islamic parties declares the Mujahid or Taliban wrongful who were hero of yesterday. Same Islamic parties also mostly used to provoke the masses for fight or Jihad when federation is required on a time. If anyone defies the federation for the true spirit of Islam, probably they are deprived of seats and wealth, possible faces more dire consequences.


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