Uncovered edibles

 “Human beings are very vulnearable to diseases, whether it be a simple fever or a serious breakdown, in this current era, in Turbat there are alot of such diseases that are getting grown and the uncovered eatable things are so far conducive to them”.

Nagma Noor, Turbat

Turbat, the second biggest city of Balochistan, is too weak with its lazy shopkeepers who sell the eatable things without covering and keeping them away from the germs. The mosquitoes buzz and sit on edible materials and spread lots of diseases, as a result, they put all the customers up a gum tree. Not covering the edible things is really a hurdle for a person to live a healthy life.

The sad side of the picture is, the people of Turbat also don’t consider this an issue since they lack health awareness. The pollution is also high in Turbat and the dirt and the dust effect the uncovered eatable things. Basically, uncovered eating materials can be seen in every big or small city of Pakistan because neither the shopkeepers selling the things think about it nor the people who buy these things. If we take about the role of government, it seems that as if this all is happening on the dictation of the government or it is totally unaware of it.

Moreover, It looks too ridiculous the TV channels highlight many problems of this country but unfortunately, the second day the same situation can be seen. Such as, the ARY’s program “Sar-e-aam” has shown the people that how the so-called food companies prepare the things with the name of high quality brand and loot the people, but no action has been taken so for.

Surprisingly, most of the customers buy those things which are openly kept on the pushcarts with uncountable flies and different kinds of dust. So for I am totally failed to understand that why the people do so? A possible reason can be the low price, but I am shocked that the people buy the cheap things for eating and then much of their money they spend on their health.

What I think people lack the awareness about the prevention of their health. The people need to be educated to know something about their health, otherwise, they will never stop playing with their health all the time.

It is a humble request to the shopkeeper to cover the eatables and keep them fresh so that they can help a healthy society to develop. I also appeal to the customers to keep away from the uncovered materials for the sake of their families. I urge the government to keep eyes on this issue and take strong step to cope with this problem. If we all think of this as a serious issue, soon we will be able to make a certain environment where everybody can breathe freely with a healthy life and a strong brain.

Let’s pledge to make our environment clean and tidy so that we can be able to live a happy life and let our coming generations have rosy and disease free future.


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