BSO-A missing leader’s spouse protests in Islamabad

Bolan Voice Report

Zarjan a Baloch women established protest camp in front of National Press Club Islamabad. Zarjan Baloch is spouse of Zahid Baloch, 2014713162048353734_20the chairman of Baloch Student Organization (Azad), who was arrested in Quetta Satellite Town and area of capital in the presence of hundreds citizens. Comrade Lateef Johar, a Baloch Student activist sit on Hunger Strike for more than a month, however, he failed to gain attention of state authorities by his extreme way of protest.

ZarJan Baloch by a press conference at national press club and several times from her protest camp also spoke to media persons that she had pitched-up that camp there in mid of hot and suffocating weather to voice-up for safe release of her husband. “At the time of arrest, the security official said they have apprehended him for merely interrogation and later on he will be let to go. We have lodged first investigate report (FIR) at police station, too.” Zarjan informed.

Zarjan Baloch further said: “Many people witnessed the event when security officials were picking to Zahid Baloch and they are also ready to testify as eye-witness. As against the truth, the government and security official are not consented about preserving Zahid Baloch with them.” She blamed.

Zarjan Baloch said that she had come to capital city of country where rulers reside, with intention to protest accompanied her minor child to awake the conscious of rulers who are denying justice to them.  


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