Drugs addiction in Pakistan

By Nagma Noor Bolani

History remains a witness of those moments in which something embarrassing or memorable occurs. Simultaneously, in 1980 the 14815-smokerwoman-1353300842-563-640x480blackest days of Pakistan began while a dangerous kind of drug “opium” put its steps in Pakistan and since then it has become kind of disease for us.

Opium is an addictive drug prepared from the juice of poppy “Palaver somniferous”, used illicitly as a narcotic. It is a kind of poison from which all kinds of drugs are adopted. In the past most dangerous drug was heroin, while in present it is crystal which is shaped like dry milk by the usage of which one can get his body decayed within three years. 

Firstly, America made sheeshah for its soldiers in order to be sleepless during the combat, but unfortunately, being used in every nook of and cranny of the world. Afghanistan is the world’s largest grower of illegal opium poppy and produces approximately 90 percent of the world’s illicit opium. Nearly all poppy cultivation occurs in the southern and western parts of the country, especially Helmand Province. Instability in these regions allows criminal networks, insurgent groups, and illicit cultivation and drug production to thrive. This is the country which supplies drugs to the other countries of the world. 

Drug addiction is the worst but one of the biggest businesses in the world. It is a kind of weapon which is indirectly used wiping out the individuals of the countries and making them next to nothing like Pakistan.

Recently, two children were killed by their own mother in Karachi due to the father who was in the grip of narcotics and engrossed in his own sunny days and could not provide three times food to his small baby. Though he was a loving father but his eyes were closed with a black intoxicating cloth due to which he could not see the tears of his small babies. Likewise, if these situations continue in Pakistan, the individuals with request to the government will be in hot water. 

It is my humble request to the government to apprehend and take incharge of the people doing this illegal work openly and take a high level action on this issue otherwise our country will be as dark as the gloomy nights are.


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