Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people. Moreover, it is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association. God has given lots of qualities to the human beings, but friendship is one of the biggest gifts among those all blessings. As a result, one can’t trace its quality.

By Nagma Noor, Turbat

Friendship is that relation whose building idea is given by the king of two worlds. The best way to being nearer the God is friendship.friendship-31a On the other hand, God has considered the worshiping human his bosom friends, so, how much importance does friendship get?

It is true that no one can live a happy life without a true friend. A few people try but they always fail in this mode of life. According to Mars Saseero, “The best thing in friendship is respect.” Until you respect a person a lot, you can never be their best friend. Men have gotten lots of blessings, health, wealth, respect, etc. But the time you are in funk, nothing comes in handy except true friend. You can share your secret to your best friend. They become happy while you are on top of the world and down in the mouth in your dark nights. We must not be at sixes and sevens after knowing human beings are selfish as it is the reality of today’s world.

According to some people, “Friendship is the name of taking and giving.” If it is so then the name of friendship must be converted into “trade” and friends’ name into traders. Besides, The feeling of friendship mostly grows in the heart of those who love peaceful lives and never keep eyes in the negative work of the people. There is a basic rule of friendship that never says or demands for those things which you think your friends can’t afford.

There are also some people who think we should do as many deeds of goodness to our friends as they do. Now, what is this? Actually, heart us supposed to be wide in friendship and there is difference of earth and sky between friendship and traders.

It is disheartening to note that in common life people think more about their goats and cows than friends. Always try to find positive-minded friends rather than narrow-minded ones. If the situations push you to break the relation with a friend that must be in such a way that your friend must not get hurt by that. A moment of life comes when the friends give slip to each other, and become busy in their own responsibilities.

It is my humble request to all sisters and brothers that respect your friends and know the value of them. Try to have some field days with them in present magic moment, though living on a shoestring and only enjoying a cup of tea to remain with us tomorrow.


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