History and Women

Actually, Women are the right shoulders of men without them neither a positive progress is possible nor can our condition seems to be faring better given their absence or their contribution in our lives to any cause be it national, social, or educational. On the other hand, staggering is to acknowledge that we have denied this fact and we are using women for household and daily domestic chores and childrearing purposes, which is completely contrary to the laws of mutual life.

By Nadil Baloch, Kech

A Balochi saying It takes two to make a quarrel”, similarly, if we have a deep glance at this saying we can find a great meaningful and women slaveryeffective message in it. Women are the right shoulders of men without them neither a positive progress is possible nor can our condition seem better. But we have denied this fact and we are using women for household works and childrearing purposes.

Undoubtedly, everyone wants his or her dominancy on other people of low status quo. Likely, men usually want their dominancy on their daughters, sisters and women. On one hand, men mostly highlight that God has written in the luck of women to set in home and take care of children due to which women never raise their voice for their rights. Dr Mobarak writes in his book of ‘Tarik-aur-Aurat’ that “when a girl meets her boyfriend people do not only blame the girl but also she is finished but boy is neither blamed nor finished according to any law. In fact, both are involved in the crime but girl is killed in our society and boy freely enjoys his life with his family.”

If we have a glace over the history, we can find that firstly women became the victims of slavery in this world and as it exist today. Women were bought and sold in the hands of different kings and royal families. Due to these practices they were compelled to accept their position and lastly satisfied with their condition. And how a woman was considered a woman? If we think deeply about this question, we will come up with an authentic answer. When a child comes in this world he or she will be socialized and treated as a girl or boy. Both are same physically and psychologically just matter is socialization.

Moreover, a child comes in this world if that is a girl then she will be socialized like a girl and she would be given toys, dolls, and mother makes her sit at home. When she grows up then mother gives her cloths and she would be told to do embroideries, washing plats, washing the cloths of other family members and then she feels given to doing the household work for the rest of her life, whether be it her mother’s home or her husband’s home when she gets married to someone in life. The same thing, If that is a boy then he is given basically some toys of sports like football, bates, balls, fake cars, cycles and he usually plays with his peer groups outside of his home. Father mostly takes him to bazar and he would be given boy’s cloths which are socially constructed by the society especially for the men.

Furthermore, after this process both are sent to different schools, a boy is sent to a boy’s school and girl is sent to a girl’s school. In this situation difference between men and women is created.

Additionally, Khalil Gibran said a story in his novel “spirits of rebellious’ that a 15 years old girl was married to a 40-year-old man, soon they got divorce and the girl became disappointed and she passed worried and sorrowful life till death. And it is greatly being practiced in our society. In reality, neither woman is physically nor mentally less than man, just it is socially constructed by our society.

Thus, in such tumultuous framework of society, only keeping in mind the women as a part of society for the domestic chores, constantly the disproportionate view of no emancipation of women and the mindset created by the society, is resultantly, factoring in the repercussion as the women are made compelled to live in home and do their household work and take care of their children and on the other hand, the always-wanting desire of dominancy of men on the women puts a heap of limitless restrictions and bars to the beautiful lives of women, to the success of our country, and to any possible streak of progression of our nation to take place, therefore, it must be our basic thing to think better in terms of women’s lives and their future careers, their education, domestic and environmental emancipation in the interest of the swift trigger of formulation of a better educated and successful society as soon as possible for a better life of ours and that of our women too.


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