Media Development Trust and FAST sign MOU to bridge industry-academia gap

MDT and FAST to create a hybrid pool of resources for knowledge sharing.

Press Release

Islamabad, PK – 05 August 2014 – Media Development Trust and FAST- National University of Computer and Emerging SciencesDSC03440signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) today to develop initiatives for development, empowerment and mainstreaming research in Pakistan. The MOU signing ceremony was held at the School of Management at FAST in the presence of faculty members and students. Mr. Adil Amin Kazi, Head of Department, School of Management, FAST and Amir Jahangir President Media Development Trust signed the MOU.

On this occasion President Media Development Trust (MDT) and CEO Mishal Pakistan, Amir Jahangir said that Media Development Trust is working with multiple academic institutions in the country to bridge the gap between academic research and industry practices. There is wide gap between industry practices and theories being taught at our universities. He said research-institutions need to have more focus on commercializing their research with increased industry-academia collaboration.

He further said that, Media Development Trust and its strategic partners Mishal Pakistan and AGAHI, in collaboration with FAST would create capacity building initiatives for the faculty and students, through interactive workshops, seminars and research initiatives on specific sectors. MDT and FAST will create a hybrid pool of resources for knowledge sharing.

Sharing his views on the occasion, Mr. M. Adil Amin Kazi, Head FAST School of Management (FSM) appreciated the initiative taken by FSM and Media Development Trust in pursuit of bridging industry-academia relationship, terming the handshake as a milestone in achieving the ultimate goal of creating, promoting & enhancing critical body of knowledge by developing analytic skill-set among scholars through research in Business & Management Sciences discipline.     

Dr. Arshad Ali the Director FAST-NU and Dr. Affan A Syed Director ORIC FAST-NU also joined the ceremony and shared their confidence in this collaboration and expressed their commitment in creation of hybrid pool of resources for knowledge sharing by virtue of FSM-MDT initiative.

According to the MOU, both the organizations will work together to create research opportunities for students and faculty members in the media sphere, especially on the business credibility and ethics. The joint initiative will also create opportunities to understand issues relevant to media and content management, communications and outreach strategies. The MOU also envisaged collaboration on capacity building of students and faculty members on technical skill sets to work on the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of various projects as well.

Media Development Trust and FAST will work together to create Fellowships in research to improve the human capital available for the sector in Pakistan; this will lead to Industry-Academia collaborations. The MOU will also encourage excellence in research by awarding “TRUST Gold Medals”, every year for the students of Business Administration and Management Sciences achieving first positions in Bachelor and Masters Programs.

Puruesh Chaudhary, President AGAHI and Country Ambassador of the Center for International Media Ethics (CIME), while sharing her views, said that media’s contribution to the sustainability of functioning democracies is significant. Media serve as a catalyst for human development and provides the justification to create a more cognizant collective consciousness of the society. We believe this collaboration will foster an enabling atmosphere through which free and independent media can flourish with plurality, diversity and will responsibly raise the bar of professionalism for ethical media management and practices in Pakistan, Chaudhary added.

The partnership between the two leading research institution Mishal (a country partner institute of the Global Competitiveness and Benchmarking Network, World Economic Forum) and Pakistan’s top research university will identify the gaps in the knowledge ecosystem. Both the organization will work together to create a knowledge exchange program between FAST and research institutions both at domestic and global level; whereby different programs will be developed to build synergies in the field of management and communication.

Media Development Trust, through its strategic partners Mishal Pakistan and Agahi, is working on different research and advocacy projects for the development of media in Pakistan which includes, Media Credibility Index (MCI), Agahi Awards, ILM-o-AGAHI, TRUST Gold Medals for outstanding students in management, media sciences and journalism scholarships.

Media Development Trust established in 2011 is an initiative to improve industry-academia linkage through media and communication; the initiative engages leading professional and researchers in media development across the globe. Media Development Trust also creates synergies and understanding through media and communication between societies for better understanding of issues arising from cultural, social and political challenges.

The National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences has the honor of being the first multi-campus private sector university set up under the Federal Charter granted in July 2000. The University started with an impressive advantage of the Foundation FAST, it inherited five first rate computer science institutes located at Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Faisalabad, in spacious buildings and prestigious settings. These institutes, individually as well as collectively, have established leadership position due to the splendid vision of an enlightened management and tireless efforts of a highly qualified faculty. Over the years FAST has become the hallmark of excellence in academic arena, domestic market and international community.


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