By MB Baloch, Awaran

Human beings are consistently under the ashes of catastrophic disasters, be the manmade and natural, but the aftermath has similar004 damages. For a prosperous livelihood, man is in unremitting endeavor to safe his own side. In this self-satisfying race everyone is hard working to win the competition. No one willing accept to lag behind in this cynic race.

Undoubtedly, this is the basic right of every one to build up his/her property and make a gorgeous house for survival. If a powerful person can ransack the property of anyone, the victim by the power of his shoulder tries to resist him and safe his property and households. When a sudden natural disaster comes then the owner of property become helpless to show his anger, because it is a nature fact, everyone has to face the natural happenings. The same case is happened with the people of District Awaran. The whole district jolted by a gigantic earthquake last year. Approximately, 95 percent houses had utterly destroyed. So the people have no claim upon God but they are in prolong wait that might any support will come from the side of power holders. The District is considered the most backward one in Pakistan. The absence of interest towards administration is heart-touching. During the aftershocks CM Dr Malik made tall claims that District would bring in a level of metropolitan city.

Additionally, the whole infrastructure of District will be reshaped within no time. The above surprising pledges yet have given a practical shape. The poor public still under the own made temporary houses, a heavy rain can further will add miseries in their lives.

Scholarships are also announced for the students, sadly by passing of moments the promises remained pipe dream. Recently, 16 million rupees announced to provide shelters to people. Surprisingly, the District authority   trying to get a chance of corruption to maintain the culture of their peers. People are crying for shelter besides authority is playing a barbarian game over the rights of poor creatures. This lacks the checks of balance really a mind boggling.

The odor of corruption is coming from the earthquake hit area is an inhuman and immoral action. This mind set without any hesitation is exploiting the innocent poor; unfortunately no one is here to response them. It is brazenly a shameful history that in this advance and technological time, District Awaran is showing a bleak picture. No concept of electricity and pure water. The whole District only has only one hospital but without any modern health care machine. The education institutions are showing a dismal picture. Mostly teachers are selected on the basis of Agaz-e-Haqooq Balochistan package; they know nothing about the teaching method and about students psyche. They only come on salary day and get disappear from the scene for whole month.

Road infrastructure is also showing an untidy scène. Recently, Abdul Qudoos Bezinjoo was elected as a deputy speaker from the District, only during the earthquake he had visited by aero-plane. He does not only same time was elected   from the District  but since 4 decades he has been ruling the poor people of District, sadly yet has not  a historical job to convince the public. So it is a great time for the corridor of powers to think about the miserable condition of inhabitants.

The smell of corruption that is about to emit from the given balance must be stopped without further delay. A committee should be arranged to provide basic rights of life and shelters to people. If the national party is considers    a middle class representing party, then prove it pragmatically. If again the power holders could not  get lesson from the history, may be the public have no saying but the upcoming time never forget them, because time is cruel no one can escape from it.


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