Silence of Responsible People; a big threat to progress of a society

By Adam Nazar Marri

A leaked ship sinks in the sea when water pours in it, likewise a society moves towards destruction while evils and vices take place inadnan marri it without any resistance. It is noteworthy to mention here that culture of silence has become common in our society. Despite noticing wickedness and misconduct in the society, people keep calm and do not dare to resist against culprits and wicked persons. There is a well-known saying, “A society or a community does not spoil by evil deeds of ferocious and callous people rather it deteriorates by dint of silence and calmness of great and responsible people.”

Silence culture has given opportunity to miscreants and scoundrels to achieve their targets very easily. When we see a transgressor or a criminal doing crime in the society and we ignore and let them to do their misdeeds. Resultantly, crime and vices level increase in the society. It does not mean that where people speak, write and control criminals and narcotics sellers, there crime and narcotics would be at zero level. There may crime and vices prevail but definitely at minimum level.

More significantly, almost everyone knows about his city or village’s dangerous gangster, heroin sellers, even some people knows target killers but no one has mettle to act against them, however, fear is the biggest barrier in the way of removal of these injurious and devastating elements. The fear and timidity force us to keep silent. The main reason behind prevalence of vices and evil deeds in our society is the culture of silence. When writers halt their pens, when leaders and responsible persons stop speaking against notorious people and culprits. In turn, callous and miscreants play their monstrous role and target killings, kidnapping for ransom, gambling, drinking etc become order of the day everywhere.

More importantly, Arabia before rise of Islam was completely in darkness and despondency. There was no limit of callousness and brutality, female children was buried alive, gambling and drinking of wine were common. At every side just vices and evils were seen. No one could dare to resist against prevailing crimes and evils. When the Messenger had felt the deep length of wickedness and brutality of people. In the long run, He struggled and saved the Arabia, purified the society and transferred darkness into light.

Conclusively, if we see brutality and wickedness at high level today, because there is no one to speak, write or act against culprits and wrongdoers. Our society portrays a picture of grief. Kidnappers kidnap people for ransom easily, targets killers succeed in their missions, narcotics sellers sell their narcotics without any trouble…. And why silence? And till when? Should we sit and watch and let their tide sweep us away? What about our next generation? Should we allow them to fall prey to monstrous evils? No and never. We must speak and we must be bold and let not grow evils and make our societies civilized. It is responsibility of every students, teachers, writers and think tanks to shun fear and trepidations and give a brave fighting against scoundrels and malefactors in order for purification and civilization of society.


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