VBMP protests on Eid day

By Tariq Baloch

Eid is an Islamic religious festival, fervently celebrated by Muslim with religious sentiments. When People were fluttering by DSCN1462happiness of Eid and were busy in tasting various dishes as commemorating this joyful day. Meanwhile the relatives of Missing Balochs were protesting on roads for the sake of safe recovery of their endear ones. These aggrieved people instead of celebrating and attiring were marching on Roads of Quetta city and demanding for breakage of silence to United Nations and Humanitarian organizations.

Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP), had given the call, comprising on missing persons relatives. The victim families’ members in large number appeared for protest including women and children. The protesters got mustered in front of Quetta Press club where the token hunger strike camp of VBMP is erected. The protestors were holding snaps of their missing endears, place-cards and banners inscribed with demanding sentences for safe release of missing Baloch political workers.

The protestors marched on Shahra-e-Iqbal, Jinnah Road and walked toward Balochistan High court and Assembly premises. During the march, protestors were chanting slogan “Release the Baloch Missing Political workers”. “United Nation and Humanitarian organizations break their silence and poke in Baloch issue and take action against human right violations in Balochistan”.

The protestors after marching on roads reached to the inception point of event the Quetta press club, where the leading figures delivered speeches to gathering and media men who were there to attended procession for media coverage.

Mama Qadeer Baloch, the vice president of Voice for Baloch Missing Person (VBMP) said, “The State authorities are taking any serious initiative about Baloch Missing Persons; consequently, this issue is getting engrave with the passage of time. More than 15000 people have been missing since than 2001, and among them more than 1400 mutilated bodies have been found. The hundreds dead bodies of Baloch political workers have been found after formation of present government. Women and children are also missing in great number. The people have gone to missing and their mutilated bodies are being found, their guilt is this they were voicing up for their genuine rights. Qadeer Baloch spoke to assembly.

Other speakers also addressed to gathering and in their discourses they criticized on Human Rights Organizations about showing apathy to Baloch issue and negligence to here’s human rights violations.

On the one hand people are agonized that they don’t celebrate Eid, the day of jubilation and even come-out on roads to protest and cry for release of their endears, but on the others hand, the state authorities are busy in dilly-dolly to these aggrieved people by constituting the commissions and investigating teams formation. For pretext to international organizations and media the so-called commission that couldn’t bring a single missing person on surface, neither they could halt the series of throwing mutilated bodies of Baloch political workers.


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