The Role of Youth in development of Balochistan

By Jameeljansheer

1897974_406519922827154_85714456_n (1)The contribution of the youth of any nation always plays a very vital role in transforming the framework of their society into a new rosy and progressive state of development, whereas provided the attributes of youth; we call them the cream of the crop. It is a matter of fact that where there are healthy and positive-minded youth, there would always be a growing atmosphere of elitism and intellectuality as it proves to be a boost-trigger to the existence of think-tankers of that nation. We can’t conceal the fact that the rational-thinking educated youth of a nation are considerably akin to emerging reformers of their society who will come up with social, national, educational and environmental remedies keeping this phenomenon as the obligation of every solitary individual.

Moreover, Balochistan, the largest province of Pakistan, is greatly desperate for the youth to live up to their responsible role to be played. Indeed, the role of Youth in development of Balochistan can be so much effective in the swift development of the province. In addition, there are many ways of their contribution but first of all, basically, they need to be capable for it merely the most important thing they have to do is just to pay as much of their heed to getting innovatively modern medical, technical, linguistic, political, social and domestic education as possible, inasmuch as, the thought-provoking side is to remember that the educated youth of a nation can better play its role more realistically than the uneducated one. So, the first thing that the youth of Balochistan has to do is just to burn its midnight oil to gain education of all sorts as it is the actual awareness and a very crucial need of the era of 21rst century.

The second thing I want to mention is that the youth of Balochistan have a fundamental social ground, in our society in a province like Balochistan, there are many anti-social activities such as transgression of law by transaction of addictions and intoxication, open gambling, stealing and such many other anti-social activities are grabbing the attention of youth toward it, currently, taking place which, to some considerable extent, is quickly retarding the province in terms of its development and prosperity. Provided the availability of all such illegal and anti-social activities our tumultuous society is so conducive to many more illegal crimes like stealing things, overt selling and buying of addiction either because of the lack of awareness through education or because of the lack of jobs for a living to keep occupied the youth in more productive and socially-beneficial activities. In this regard, again I put emphasis on the importance of education because it is the last resort to mentally-train them. When almost the youth of Balochistan gets education, its positive attainment will then naturally formulate a thinking-generation in hook and cranny of the province.

The third thing is that the life of our youth consists of three fragile and important stages, 1) educational, 2) social and 3) national; when our youth realizes its imputed educational, social, and national responsibilities to carry on their shoulders, then, amid them a sense of patriotic contribution gets grown. When they predominantly get attached to education as by going into any academic faculty as a career also contributes to the development of not merely the province but that of the country, too. On the other side, when the youth is mature socially they will try to understand every facet of the problems and debilities and as social representatives they will try hard to come up with remedies thorough-out the lives only the requirement is the good provision of innovative education to the Youth in their basic teenage life to cultivate more responsible members of that society concerned. Their journey from Educational life toward social life is a time of constant learning with conscience of good and bad so we may call it the process of furnishing the young minds to be more reliable contributors. And Now remains is their contribution to the national aspect of their lives, this only requires their capabilities and thoughts of solicitude to be used for national cause, or for the welfare of the people, eg; When they become somewhat doctors or engineers or pilots, thorough-out their life span they are contributing to the betterment of the nation on daily basis though unobtrusively.

Now, so far as the development of Balochistan is concerned, all it needs is the pure contribution of its educated youth, which is Bite 3actually the center pillar of the society, because youth are the ones who will be the future builders of the nation. Let’s take a paradigm for a while, as when one is attached to the education sector, so it means during learning process of educational up-bringing they are contributing to the society or to the nation by being a basic individual as thinker and then as a reformer of the educational, social and national problems that I every now and then try to come up with a swift resolution by bringing them to the notice of the society, then the nation and then the government for the vital role for the development of the province either by resolving the problems governmentally or we as a people will democratically play our prominent roles as it the requisite part of our lives as the youth of the province. Thus, To me It is very much important that for more fairer contribution than the current one the more effectively innovative educational sectors should be introduced to the educated youth to enlighten the majority of their fellows, by just doing so we will be able enough to see the province quickly formulating into a province of educated class of people, where individualism would play its role for long-and-eternal-terms.

About the author,

Jameel Jansheer, is an eighteen-aged passed student of matriculation hailing from Panjgur, Balochistan. He has been contributing opinion articles to and the Bolan Voice magazine. He believes that the educated Youth of Balochistan can play a vital role in changing the current Balochistan into a more developed and cultivated one on swift basis only through a long-lasting intro to liberal and innovatively-modern education of all sorts to the emerging young minds of youth. And he believes that the developed and well-recognized nations on earth whom are currently ruling the world only by dint of liberal education. He can be reached at



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