Daesh (ISIS) in Balochistan

By Dr Aftikhar

American air strikes against Daesh or ISIS (Islamic Stat in Iraq and Syria) are underway when the Islamist organization’s extremists daesh
had advanced from Jordan to Syria and Iraq. In recent days, the BBC published a report stating in that 3000 militant outfits have been included of Tunisia, while Saudi Arabia’s 2500, Jordan’s around 2200, Morocco 1500, approximately 800 each from Lebanon, Russia, France, Libya, Britain and Turkey, respectively. Bashar al-Assad and the US Strikes must have caused some damage, but Daesh operational structure is still intact. Against these strikes Al-Qaeda leadership has wholly gone in defensive position to protect regional allies with aim to strengthened Daesh, whereas Al Qaeda sympathizers have joined also this newly grown organization.

According to an Arabic magazine publishes from Kuwait (amjtma), the Daesh militants are more proficient than Al-Qaeda’s maneuverers. Daesh in Syria and Iraq is hazardous for Shi’ites, Kurds, Arab nationalists and progressive thinkers and journalists, as well as the organization considers such mentalities averse to Islamic injunctions. The entire region is now affected severely from inflames of Daesh and Pakistan seems next situate.

The sound of Daesh support is caught up in the districts of Balochistan; Chagai, Washuk, Kech and Panjgur from these areas can be found fighters with those who believe that Iran has adopted an attitude of religious inequality. Thus, this presence is linked with policy of Iran towards Baloch population living there. So in the border areas of Iran after the collapse of the Soviet Union on the basis of the view of the war was completed all grades. Probably Abdul Malik Reki started operating in name of Jundullah in 2003. Iran began to consider Malik Reki as a serious threat. Iranian forces fired shells on Jundallah positions repeatedly; even it has erected a concrete wall along with border. Airline flying from Kyrgyzstan to Europe in 2010, was carrying Abdul Malik Reki when entered in Iranian territory was landed down by Iranian air force, and then Mr Reiki was arrested and put on board. Jundullah was then converted into Jaish al-Adel. Abdul Malik Reiki’s brother, Abdul Rauf  was its supreme leader. The internal decisiveness gave birth to Jaish al-Nasr from womb of Jaish al-Adel. Afterward the both organizations happened to be progeny of Jundullah fought between them.

christians-in-pakistan-isis-in-pakistanAccording to Iran’s Press TV, Jaish al-Adel’s chief Abdul Rauf Reiki and his nephew were killed. But he declined the claims of Iranian TV on his FaceBook account. Later, reports emerged that Abdul Rauf Reiki was killed in Pakistan, although it could not be confirmed through independent sources as to where he was buried. However, the burial of his fellows were happened in the Washuk district of Balochistan in the area of Tehsil Sutgan Mashkel. In Kech district of Balochistan, graffiti on the walls are witnessed also in favor of Daesh. Daesh booklet has been distributed in Peshawar that is in Pashto and Dari languages. Arabic, Punjabi and Pashtun Taliban frustrated by defense strategy began to take refuge in the foothills of Daesh.

The growing influence of Daesh in the region, Mirwaiz commander of Hazb-e-Islami in Afghanistan agrees with the statement that Hazb-e-Isami is with Daesh and there is a great deal of interaction between each other. Hazb-e-Aslami is a well-known terrorist organization. In Afghanistan, it has been always over war against Hazara, Uzbeks, Baloch, Tajik, Turkmen, religious denominations, progress-loving men and separatists. Pakistani Taliban in the tribal areas is apparently dispersed but it is with the program of Daesh.

The Daesh is systematically organizing in Balochistan and the organizations like Lashkar-e-Jhangvi outfit, Jaish Al Nasr, Jaish Mohammad, Jaish al-Adel and Jaish-e-Islam. In Syria and Iraq in the light of Mosul, Tikrit and Fallujah, Kurdistan the Daesh is not only against separatists and religious minorities, but all national, progressive, humanist and against the nationalists. Intellectuals in the media in their comments reveal that Daesh had first been organized by United States with the help of the Saudi Arabia, and on large scale was funded, and was provided weapons and assigned task to topple the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad. The imperialist with comprador was intended to replace the Bashar al-Asad regime with a puppet government for the state that would be under them. American analysts apparently called the reason of American attack on Daesh entering into Syria. The United States would result in control in the Arab region and would not be any defying element in the region, except Iran that would be dealt with power; whereas, the America wants to complete her dream to rule the oil politics in the region. And again imperialist powers have tried to make religion as ladder to monopolize the people for their vast interests.


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