A horrible honor killing

By Shahdad Mumtaz

On the eve of Eid-ul-Azha, when all over the world Muslims were fervently celebrating this ritual cheerfully, and animals were being honor-killing-drawingslaughtered to revere the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim; so the sequent days of this holy day a dirtiest incident occurred in Turbat Kech. A was slaughtered like an animal and her guilt was that she wanted to marry her lover. It is a maiden incident but a very shocking one in this region. The grim act of murder was committed   with the consent of the victim’s family members.

Through neighboring sources, it was known that the siblings of the girl often tortured her intentionally to force her to give consented for the relation with boy that they both were named for each other early. Even then, she was beaten and severely tortured but despite this the girl refused the offer, eventually her choice to marry her lover led to a brutal murder of the couple.

In much depression, the girl had decided on the 8th of October in evening hours to run-away with her lover. The girl with impetus to marry the boy, decided to escape from home. A profound analysis of a love story implies that if the family members of the girl had let them have a valid relation, this tragedy would not have occurred.

In the morning of 9th October, the family members of the girl, similar to a movie scene, convinced and called the lover couple for honor killing. The girl wasn’t ready to come, and she said before coming, “I know the wrath of my family; if I go, they will forcefully marry me the boy I don’t like.” Eventually, she was promised over a telephone that the family will make the wedlock with her lover. The girl came gladly to the venue and she asked to call her lover, because they will be knotted as life partners by Nikah (wedlock).

Alas! Paradoxically, the lovers were clocked into a room by the mastermind of the story who is the brother-in-law of the girl beheaded the boy with a knife in presence of the girl. The helpless girl made hue and cry and fought with killers but having been heavily pushed she lost consciousness. The stone hearted man then also slaughtered the girl in an unconscious state at 1:30 am.

Police arrived at the scene at 2:40am and arrested every member of the family, and later presented the two brothers and the father of the girl before the court. But the main culprit, the brother-in-law of the slain girl, successfully managed to flee. He was the one who had come up with the idea of calling them and getting them together with the intention to kill them. The culprit has not been arrested and yet the police have failed to trace his whereabouts. The case is still in pending at the Central Jail of Turbat.

Such an inhumane act has boggled every individual’s mind in the area, but astonishingly horrifying incident only get tiny coverage in local newspapers as well as the main stream media and reasons are not ascertained about this negligence of journalists. The local journalists advised me that “Do not report such incidents, it will result in defamation of the Baloch society and the world will have perceived a different image regarding the Baloch Nation.” It is awful that journalists are obliged to depict the reality and truth, but the local media is deeply engaged in gains from advertisements and mainly give coverage to issues desired by the government only.

The narrated incident is a stain of shame and morality for humanity besides the Islamic laws and Baloch culture, as well. In Baloch customs, we exaggeratedly say that women have a great and high respect in society, but this story barely repudiates all claims where a girl could not get married lawfully by all means; religion and traditions.

In Stone Age such incidents were common, but it is now the 21st century and human civilization is on a higher level and even now women are denied their natural rights. The rest of the world is striving for impunity, freedom, gender equality but in our society ignorant sections exist that    do agree to give basic right to their daughters, and the Turbat’s incident being a solid proof of this.


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