Dr Malik on footprints of Raisani; prosecuting RecoDick case

Review By Ahmed Khan

RecoDick situated in district Chaghi of Balochistan. The Copper and Gold huge deposits were discovered in 1993 when Mr Zulfiqar 2007_reko_diq_lgMagsi was chief minister of Balochistan. RcoDisk is situated on Tehteyan belt and starched-on in many countries.

Initially, the RecoDick project was given to an Austrian company BHP. The experts estimated $500 billion worth of RecoDick minerals but some claim for $1000 billion. The mentioned reserve is largest copper and gold deposit among the seven largest of the world.

BHP had sublet the project to Mincor Company, which wasn’t capable to operate project properly and that further handed over it to a Chilean company Antofagasta and Barak Gold a Canadian company on base of joint venture. These companies also failed to operate and explore properly and withdrew from agreement.

Eventually, the mammoth wealth project was given to Korean Tehteyan Company by settlement in share of 75% for company and 25% for Balochistan. Meanwhile, the company was assigned time frame of five years for 600 square kilometer exploration for feasibility report. But elapse of six years period only 500 square kilometer exploration and feasibility report was compiled by company. On the base of this reason, the Tehteyan Company was quitted from project and a case was sued at Supreme Court of Pakistan that also nullified the accord with company.

The Tehteyan Company was not contended regarding verdict of Pakistan Supreme Court and Government of Balochistan, consequently it took the quarrel to International Arbitrary Institute for justice. The company also has sued case for the penalty $14 billion against Government of Pakistan. The company has stance it has spent a sum of $40 million in RecoDick and it is sole deserving body to run it further.

Ostensibly federal and provincial governments are blaming for slow pace of work by Tehteyan Company and provision of scarce profit but forwarded reasons are not mindful, virally the establishment has motive to deal with China instead of Western or other multinational companies.

Mr Raisani was brought in power to use him as desired and on several junctures he himself accepted this, suppose once upon in an army function he said that he wears grayish colored cloth with purpose to match with army uniform, means he is a part of army in plain cloth. Mr Raisani and Dr Samar Mubarak had formed a board to run RecoDick project but ex-chief minister through statements appeared in media affirmed that they are not capable to run a union council.

At last the Tehteyan Company reviewed the agreement and enhanced Balochistan’s share from 25% to 40%. Even than Pakistani authorities were reluctant to give this huge pile of wealth to this multinational company because the Western States may not assist her to prolong its hegemony on Balochistan but China is already colluded in conspiracies on Baloch land.

Dr Malik Baloch has been brought in place of Mr Raisani and is consigned same task what the previous government was doing. Dr Malik Baloch with legal experts in the follow of case visited Paris – France. Dr Malik is not representing the genuine heir of RecoDick’s wealth the Baloch, but he is being used or swindling to world that he is representing Baloch Nation. In fact the Baloch has not been benefited from Sandank and it is totally dodged also regarding RecoDick. Dr Malik like his predecessor is striving to confer the Baloch’s wealth to China and appease the master with purpose to confirm his seat. The western powers are not asinine to let you throw this massive wealth deposit in lap of China. It is not out of blue that judgment will be in favor of Tehteyan Company.

The Balochistan Provincial Assembly Deputy Speaker Hafiz Hamadullah speaking to media told that present government of Dr Malik has been brought in power to use it as controlled, and this its successor this once again is going to handover the RecoDick project to same company with some alterations. Hafiz Hamadullah also opposed this and declared it against the interest of Baloch and other dwelling nations of Balochistan.

The nationalist groups also harshly criticized on Dr Malik government about all its policies particularly RecoDick project. A resisting organization opposed the Tehteyan Company for exploitation of Baloch resources and making agreement with state of Pakistan without taking Baloch in confidence. The other organizations have not unpeeled their stance regarding Tehteyan Company but they are also against the China.

Baloch Student Organization (Azad) through a statement informed that RecoDick has been sold-out against the wishes of Baloch Nation and the organization will oppose it on its level best.

Recently, a report appeared in “Jung” a daily newspaper that Balochistan government has offered to Tehteyan Company to settle the matter out of International Court of Justice. From this it seems that Pakistani authorities have realized that the courts of west never give any decision against their parties, and they will have to pay big amount in regard of levy to sued group.

The western powers, India and Russia are not feeling good with Chinese inordinate involvement in Balochistan. China is enjoying Sandak and also got control of Gwadar Port and wants to grab the RecoDick. These are indigestible to mentioned parties, hence it is not seems that Pakistan win the trial that is underway in Internal Arbitrary Institute. A substantial amount of Baloch is being spent in regard of prosecution.

It is obvious that Dr Malik Baloch’s government is following footprints of its predecessor and is not caring the Baloch’s interest but merely dancing on the tune of establishment. The future of Baloch is uncertain even being owner of rich land and resources. A common Baloch is not aware of RecoDick case because they are deterred from actual status and position but willfully are bewildered in bread and butter with motive they do not hinder in plundering.


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