Failure, a step towards success

By Adil G.M, Turbat

It is known to everyone that life is full of success and failure, but in my experience, the worst failure is still better than the regret of not even trying for what you hope to accomplish. Well, as it is nicely quoted that try to fail but don’t fail to try. Likewise, we perhaps fail or lose something in the process of learning, but one should not forget that it needs not to be worried at all. Because failure is the integral part of human life which makes someone realize to work with might and main in order to turn the failure into success.  In the same approach, History is filled with exemplary shining stars like Thomes Edson, to Oprah Winefiery, who failed miserably and repeatedly finding success. Just like Thomes Edson who spent most of his time for the invention of Bulb but misshape, he hundred times failed still did not lose his courage for the making of Bulb. A man, who failed several times and still remained with stable and got what he desired for, then why should we be discouraged when a particular failure comes in our destiny.

In actuality, these fall and down are the sources which open new chapter of life to learn and remain with sensitive minds in all sorts of challenges of life. It is a crystal clear fact that a man, without failure, he cannot learn and comprehend the actual page of life. Most interestingly, there are no secret to success, it is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.  It is true that all the times our wishes cannot get fulfilled, in a nutshell,  at sometimes life passes through misery condition and people get disappeared  indeed having solid commitment. But at very sometimes, human nature acquire with countless victories and as well with great achievement by having strong determination.  It has been highly proved that if one is determined towards his goals, then no toughest moment will stop him to achieve the target.

On the other hand, the brand example of small ant that had firm determination in order to reach the destination. Furthermore, the small ant that a small seed so as to take its destination, struggle hard,  but unfortunately, it fell down time and again, however, it did lose courage rather became more determined to reach the destination. Resultantly, it got its destination. Just imagine, if a small ant fought tooth and nail in order to get what it desired and did not lose its audacity. Why should we be depressed after a tiny failure?

The illustrated words to some extent, clarify the basic concept about the ups and downs of life. It is natural phenomenon that every individual has supposed to confront several critical challenges in the world. But the mere remedy of these problems one must have strong perception and commitment in all field of life. No doubt, if you miss one opportunity there would be another opportunity coming on the way. This suggests everyone that make of the mind that to work with full commitment in order to achieve a prosperous future.


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