Freedom ideology exists in Balochistan: Dr Malik Baloch

Americans are not allowed to open consulate in Quetta: Chief Minister Balochistan

Bolan Voice Report

Chief Minister Balochistan Dr Malik Baloch during a meeting with American councilor General Brine Heath admitted that in Balochistan opening a consulate is not allowed for them. Albeit, the situations in Quetta are better comparatively Karachi and Peshawar, where many countries consulate are functioning.

Chief Minister apart from mention agenda discussed various affairs with American official, elaborately.

The Chief Minister informed that foreigner’s movement is restricted in entire Balochistan including the capital Quetta. The inexistence Baloch Recruits Passing Out Parade (8) (1)of consulate in Balochistan has added in problems of province’s people. Dr Malik Baloch said that his coalition government in Balochistan has meager resources, which is causing impairment in constitutionals disposal in the province. The education is first priority of present government in province and more than 2.3 million children are deprived of schools, hence for retrieval of this they need 12000 educational institutes. The international community is to perform their role in educating the Balochistan’s populaces. Chief Minister Balochistan Dr Malik Baloch said that the majority of people in province is agreed to live with federation of Pakistan and they seek resolve of their problems within sphere of federation in a demotic way. During the past ten years all departments in Balochistan got nonoperational and making them functionalize is a greed challenge for his government.

The provincial information department delivered the above mentioned information through it’s a statement to news organizations.

Furthermore, Dr Malik Baloch in Islamabad at National Defense Institute while answering to question said that in Balochistan the ideology of freedom exists, and errantly the democracy was not practiced, which was not correct, but we are here to dialogue for peace.


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