Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1927-2014)

By Akram Jamaldini, Nushki

A distinguished human is that who does something great, useful and unique for people, or the motherland at large. People pay the marquez-gabrielperson reverence and hold in awe. Indeed, man is great not by what he is, but what he does. It is true, that those who fight for a great cause never die. Their names always shine on the page history.

Similarly on the map of the 20th century writing the world over, Latin American writers are the most prominent. And among them, Gabriel Garcia Marquez is the biggest name, the writer who has recently left from our midst.

Apparently Marquez started his life as a journalist and it was during this time that his love affair with literature started. This love made him a writer who came to be recognized in every corner of the world. His readers were laborers and students and the leaders of the world. He could not get an American Visa but Bill Clinton and Barrak Obama were proud to be among his readers.

How the art and craft of a literary genius like Gabrial Garcia Marquez comes to influence the creative solitude of generation of other writers, is a difficult question to answer. Perhaps, while sharing the ecstasy of the enraptured readers, writer-self is thrown into existential and creative crisis by its encounter with staggering originality of a master. Literacy assumptions and creative habits fall into jeopardy.

You cannot imitate the genius. Yes, you can reject him, but you cannot ignore him. His most celebrated work, one hundred years of solitude, was such a violent intrusion into the complacent life-world of many fiction writers across the continents that it ultimately became an unforgettable person event for each, with an uncanny feeling that “you are not the same writer anymore” well, to illustrate his vision of reality.

He also reveals to us his two main sources, his maternal grandmother and Kafka. It was left to kafka “to reveal to me that I am destined to be a fiction writer”, he says. They both, as he acknowledges, guided him to see the world in a different way, which eventually came to be known as magical realism.

However, Marquez insists that each and every sentence he has written is based on reality. “Much of what happens in one hundred years of solitude appears to be unrealistic.”

Chie’s great poet, Pablo Neruda, called one ‘Hundred Years of Solitude’ one of Spanish language’s “greatest revelation”. The great Spanish novel has been partially translated into Urdu.

Many writers consider writing on political concerns unworthy. But even in Marquez’s love stories, politics cannot be removed from the narrative. He took pride in starting his life as a journalist and said in an interview that “My books could not have been written. If I was a journalist because all the material was taken from reality.”

He has left us and so has the hope that we will be able to read other spectacular writings such as ‘The General in His Labyrinth’ and the ‘Fragrance of Guava’.

Thus, maintaining the status of KafKasque Gabriel Garcia Marquez appeared from Colombia as the new penetrating writer.


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