The global economic war: Impacts on Baloch National Movement, importance of Baloch geography & its resources

By Banuk Kareema Baloch

Banuk kareemaIt is more than two decades that the world has lost its balance of power. There was a time when the power of the Soviet Union and the United States was divided into two distinct which was called the bipolar world. And because of the distribution there was established a balance in the power. The bipolar world had in control any special power from for establishing its monopoly and imposing system of criminal minds on the world. After the collapse of the Soviet Union for a period of time, these days, it is being conceived and considered that the America is in the possession of the World power and in whatever shape she wants to form this world, there is no one to stop her. The unbridled Horses of free market through the midst of multinational companies, like humans, caused the worst economic inequalities. Today only the U.S. defense budget has been much more than the total annual budget of dozens of poor countries of the world. Only Coca-Cola’s budget of multinational companies has been equally skyrocketed to the ten of the world’s poorest countries’ budgets. All this owns to Uni-polar World and the free market.

Today, world ‘madrarzy’ sayers are worried to say the same thing that the ‘highest of all creatures, which are present in the form of man, who, in the name of “” Metallurgy civilization’ will do anything else than destruction on the planet Earth or but nothing else. These all forms of destruction are just excuses for garnering more and more resources. Those who are against the wars in the world, even they are part of the war, somewhere more active part and somewhere quiet part. In such a world how one can dream of peace in the world where both ‘the oppressor and the oppressed’ are fighting to buy weapons from the same company. What power will prevent war in the world, inasmuch as, world’s most powerful country’s second largest source of income is from the sale of military equipment. Seeing today’s economic, social and military inequalities, it is extremely felt that the world requires a new distribution, now question arises, what can the features of this distribution? Here I would like the freedom to say, ignoring the Paul Huntington’s clash of civilizations theory, that the distributed nature of the terrain and in the future will be different everywhere and foundations of the distribution of each region will depend on the specific contradictions, where it is in conflict to economic inequality expresses itself in the growing dimensions of the particular class will be based on class. Where the conflict unto ‘religious communities so there the basis of distribution will be ‘religious community’. And where main conflicts are national, there sooner or later, the distributed nature of anything must be based on ‘national’ cover, because conflict is a natural product that never dies.

Whatever your strength and try to connect two contradictory things, it is an inevitable fact that they cannot link it together. If the link does enable connection, so it is not contradiction and of course, the two edges of the land of river cannot be linked to each other, if they link so it means there is no river. Here, conflicts can be temporarily suppressed and incapacitated. This strength could probably be deferred, but the existence of a conflict cannot be eliminated. The impossibility for division is that the conflict should not be fake, but its roots are rooted in the past. For instance, in Iraq Kurds’ national conflict in the coming exists, it has had a rough day rising.

The basis of expansionist has always been to have immersed in the acquisition of the resources and the same man is the history of all wars. Consider first the horrors of both the World War I and II, then try to figure out their reasons then we get to know that in colonial times, starting from the seventeenth century, except Germany, all European nations fulfilling their expansionist ambitions captured third world and by looting its resources industrial development touched its height. But behind this illegal plunder and distribution, Germany, in its partnership efforts, gave birth to two terrible wars, here were the same resources. Occupation can never be done in a view to develop human-occupied and will improve their lives. Occupation takes place for the same reason to obtain resources that belong to the territory. These resources may be in the form of minerals, Or even as a transit. If the area to access resources on a path that is a resource for looting. The intention to capture any region or any part of the land can be on these foundations. Either to own resources so there will be or access to the resources of the earth to the other end of the land to be used as transit. Today, if we try to see the Baloch global soil conditions in Symmetry to the dream of the establishment of Monopoly powers, interests of US-China in confrontation, world’s growing energy needs and energy access to Central Asia’s wealth so this fact is clear as day course that Baloch land and its resources’ productive soil has gained utmost importance in the world and is one of the most important cases, has a very important corridor. The resource-rich Baloch land where gold, silver, copper, methane gas, in abundance, while the importance of geographical context is much more important. It is the only land linked simultaneously by East Asia, South Asia and the Middle East. On the other hand, the land locked Central Asia through Afghanistan from the Caspian to connect the warm water is the easiest and closest way. As well as the ‘oil corridor, connecting the Strait of Hormuz with China is also the cheapest and closest way. China’s growing energy needs to be kept in mind that Balochistan, for its economy and energy needs, has importance of situation like life and death for China.

The vast resources of Balochistan and specific and critical geography has been like a blessing for the Baloch but while the formation of Aging, the absence of strong state institutions and the lack of necessary skills attracts occupiers as it historically has, because of it, the Baloch have been a victim of long slavery. In colonial times the Portuguese and British soldiers’ capture of Pakistan was equally significant victory owning to the Baloch land. And in 80s, Russia and the former Soviet Union keeping in consideration the specific strategic importance of Balochistan, it was corrective to Baloch independent socialist state. Definitely they didn’t want to remain under the control of Pakistan or specific geographic capitalist countries should be under the influence of the United States. Given these requirements, to create Balochistan and Afghanistan a buffer zone, first it gave all possible assistance to the Afghanistan, even it gave landed its troops there. As well as, for an independent Balochistan, it also gave assistance to Baloch insurgents as possible in order to help establish a pro-Soviet state. Which, from one side closes the doors of Central Asia for imperialist powers, and the second point that warm water only come in the province? The pained lives of Baloch people didn’t constrain the Soviet Union to reinforce and assist them but it wanted to take control of the land.

Today, in the world the ways of occupation have changed over. After 19th century, the world has realized that the world indirectly through its military power to control is not possible, so they changed the position of occupation so end of the colonial era and the beginning of new colonial times was given birth then. Today the expansionist seems to be in a feeling temper. Today, countries are not geographically, but economically shackled. In new colonialism, the powerful countries through institutions like the World Bank and IMF, take into their own hands the economy and decisions of peoples. And multinational companies, through a free market economy, by giving discounts on Privatization of resources in a realizing style and it is an apparent return to fairly give rise to Trickle Down economy. If today, Balochistan is ground level occupied by Pakistan, from the other hand, taking control of Pakistan’s economy in return for world powers are in secret partner. An example would be that if on Saindak project expansionist is Pakistan but that all the resources are being taken out, deep-down, 60% of them China is taking. Similarly, the same will happen in the future that occupier is Pakistan on Gwadar, but it will get all the benefits to China. And other capitalist countries will fear the control of China; they will attract Pakistan by or through the IMF to hold new colonial Balochistan for their own expansionist motives. Due to the tensions between ‘’Pakistan’’ is gathering the wellbeing. Pakistan’s economy, which has the same shape ‘capitalist countries aid charity running’. The province is one of the biggest reasons, only Pakistan, considers independence of Baloch her life and death. Though it should be impossible to deny human freedom. But Pakistan on a daily basis by hundreds of soldiers endured death wishes Baloch resources owned. Inasmuch as, the resources don’t hold much meaning for people in Pakistan, do not yet have the required skills which are requisite fundamentally. Resources that they can use for their own interests, but his ruling circle, including owners, investors are well aware that how precious these resources are. Whether as soldiers die, in their place will be another recruited, Baloch war tax to cover the costs shall be taxed on, but will not withdraw from the Baloch land. The eyes of the world capitalist companies are on Baloch resources. They are engaged in their rows.

Besides, ‘Throwing money’ policy that is clearly visible to the Baloch land. On one side, to sabotage the Baloch National Movement. And other Arab countries, including Saudi Sunni religious organizations to pursue expansionist ambitions from Kashmir to Balochistan, on which not millions but billions are being spent. On Death squads billions are being spent. Similarly, State-led drug dealers, religious organizations and interconnected street criminals and slave, Baloch soil remains certainly blocked from four corners. Such relevant more specific efforts are being for their vast interests to be fulfilled. Moreover, Baloch resources controlled by the other, and the importance of geography to gain access to all the financial institutions of the world including China ‘ends’ meet. There are also integrated world wars, but in spite of the Baloch National Movement weak and not just an economic power, still it continues. But now seems to assert itself, If the motion is successful, if not far more active in the Middle East, like the Kurds, Baloch will own decisive role in the region as a stakeholder and will have prevailed almost. Despite all the problems and challenges of the Baloch national movement to establish itself as the biggest reason Baloch freedom ‘jhdÁ tzadpr’, which is precisely the economic exploitation and national oppression has given more resolute and obviousness. This conflict is not a fictitious financial institution made   a power struggle nor proxy fight, the foundations of historical continuity of the conflict and that of Baloch national identity, is because the tactic of colonial exploitation are unable to stop this national resistance bouncing. The base of the Baloch National Movement and the objective conditions consistent with this theory is true by all manner of means. Neither our ambitions are not expansionist, nor do we want other’s resources or any distribution of land.

Baloch National Movement is a progressive movement, that it is not a reactionary movement based on racial hatred. Oppressed is anywhere oppressed. We would be happy if the people of Punjab to fight for their rights, Pashtun depraved try to reorganize their own national identity, Sindhi should become masters of their motherland. But as well, we also want to say clearly that the Baloch National Movement is the movement for the freedom of Baloch masses as a whole people. Baloch national struggle is merely for establishing a system in which the ownership of the Baloch land and its resources to be in the belonging of Baloch people. Anyone, global or regional capitalist dreaming ownership of the land or its resources, so their dreams will remain just dreams. This struggle is being nurtured by the blood of our youth. This quest is unbeatable, because expansionism is a lure and a lust. But resistance is based on a love. Love my land, love my survival, Love my identity and love in its weakest state has also lured millions of times more powerful and greater.

The article published in and translated by Bolan Voice team.


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