The other side of the Picture

Listen deeply, so painful is the story

  The recent mass graves found in Tutak; mark the Baloch massacre

Where human rights violations in the excessively neglected province

 are deliberately made to escalate

Such as the enforced abduction, ‘kill & dump’ of baloch youth;

youth ranging from all walks, from native, deprived minorities

 and to non-sunni denominations; are made victims to religious extremism

Provided the political use of religion factoring in radicalization

creating ahead restiveness in the province, has greatly mutilated the humanity

Further unscrupulousness of so-called politicians; their mockery,

 mockery on the deprived have born a great deal of resentment

in the minds of Baloch Youth against the State

The agonized youth are mentally getting crippled

as their tortured and mutilated dead bodies are being found

but sitting in authority the so-called authoritarians are not baffled a bit

In the name of Crescent; minorities are being slain

mere slain owning to the difference of religious and political distinction

Despite the odds, Baloch is a brave nation

such a nation which won’t abide by foisted rules of barbarism

The chains of brutal barbarism of establishment will get shattered

shattered into thousand pieces when united we become

just for the sake of the liberty of our next generation,

 for we are the owner of our Motherland

so lets stand together.


Jameel Baloch


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