China; rising as Red-Imperialist

By Comrade Naushad

China ostensibly is a socialist state and ruled by a communist party but it is on the path of fascism by snatching the resources of Chinapowerless nations. Furthermore, she is accomplishing this malicious task by Jihadists. By this mechanism the Red-Imperialist has subjugated the nations and get them totally muzzled to scream against the transgressions.

At the time of Soviet Union’s disintegration, the China had designed a scheme to hegemony on Middle-East. The debuted imperialist is intended to trade oil by exchange of her currency Yuan in international market, which will contradict with prevailing the US Dollar.

Since the end of World War-II, the America has been manipulating to dominate on Middle-East, and by now China wants her share in resources rich region, especially in Iraq as the model of South Africa, where America and British did distribution in between. The China and America are agreed about creating an oil producing state in this region. The both influential states have fixed their eyes on single oil rich the Kurdish area of Kirkook in Iraq.

Present world has realized this that the China and America are infighting only in oil rich regions of this globe. Each imperialist is striving to grab the entire resources; oil, gas and other natural resources, solely.

The China is intended to repeat the same experienced serial of Jihadist, which was used by United States against the Soviet Union to scattered it into pieces. China will equalize the value of its currency Yuan in international market with US Dollar and Euro in the case of defeating her rival America.

China is well aware of appetite level of America about ruling on world by oil wealth; hence she is brainstorming to foil the Uncle Sam sketches. Presently, American air force, army and navy are most oil consuming bodies in entire world. The Chinese think-tanks have formed various commands to get pragmatic the plot, and mentioned commanders are vested tasks to hamper in the way of American policies, globally.

China-chinese-yuan1The Chinese analysts have indicated that their country has imparted in the state foreign policy to invest in oil fields worldwide, and China is very near to declare compulsory the oil business for its investors all over the world.

The Iraq is the second ranking country, which retains the largest oil deposits, and approximately 10 million barrel is being produced per day from this country’s oil producing fields. The America is the most oil consuming and importing country in world. The Chinese newspapers have revealed that in the year of 2003, the America had imported a huge quantity of oil which was costing $10 billion. The Iraqi oil business is the most lucrative for America due to low incurrence in purification of the raw extracted oil from wells and small proximity to Central Asia.

Chinese policies indicate that US Dollar will be devalued beside the slump of economy, which will propel to the US citizens for anguished protest against the state authorities including faulted system of capitalism.

As parallel, both confronting influential countries the policies are blowing situation to World War-III, which will cause only devastation and nothing else for human.

In 2010, a report consisting of 40 pages with titled “Reconstruction of China” revealed that Chinese has schemes that she is dreaming to dominate on entire world, means this country is intended to push humanity into hell of war.

China and America have leveraged about control on Middle-East. The Chinese intellectuals think that Soviet Union was disintegrated by Al-Qaeda, Talban and other Jihadists; so now Daesh, Talban and other Islamists will get collapsed the imperialists America.

China is desired to be midpoint of the international activities regarding economic and aspires for the boost-up of its products. Chinese investors are investing in stock markets in entire world, which is impacting negatively on American economy.

China has fixed eyes on Central Asian natural resources, where Kazakhstan is preserving 17 million barrel oil and 83 trillion cubic feet gas deposits, whilst Turkmenistan owns 155 trillion cubic feet gas deposits, and this brings the country on fourth position in rank of gas producing countries world-wide. The gold mines of Uzbekistan and Kirghizstan are also insight of China.

In race of military surpass, the China has ignited disputes with Vietnam, Philippine and Japan by stepping in their maritime positions.

In this region, China has plunged her fingers in Gwadar to halt the entrance of America into Afghanistan and ahead to Central Asia. The Pakistan is on board with China about her expansionist policies. Furthermore, Pakistan gave-up friendship with America and got the closet with opponent and rising imperialist the China. The China is invited by Pakistan; even its province the Balochistan is present to her, now pragmatically the bases construction is underway.


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